It’s time for you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

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Recording of a Live Event on 11-11

Your life is about to be illuminated.

11 is a sacred geometry, creating a conduit between Spirit and matter. The words " light" and "psychic" in numerology add up to the number 11.

In this powerful energy attunement, infused with the high frequency energies of 11-11, you will activate your Light Body, the gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

This event was recorded during a rare convergence of celestial events during a New Moon portal on November 11th, 2016.

Awaken Your Lightbody

Experience life at a higher frequency. This Light Body Activation will attune you with your inter-dimensional self, dissolving emotional pain while expanding your consciousness to the Higher Realms for your soul's ascension. It’s time for you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

This activation is for you if you want to:

  • Release old traumas and emotional pain
  • Free yourself of negative habits and patterns
  • Experience higher states of consciousness
  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Self
  • Relate to others with love and compassion
  • Stay calm and centered around other people’s energy
  • Express your soul’s purpose as the Lightworker you were born to be

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Open Your Chakras - Psychic Energy Attunement

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Supercharge your chakras. As a sensitive soul, you most likely close down your aura to protect yourself from negative influence in your environment. This shielding technique you've learned might help you block negativity but it also restricts your flow of love and abundance. When you open your chakras, you allow miraculous opportunities to flow into your life.

In this chakra healing activation, you will clear your energy of fears and stagnant energy, and expand your energy for an unlimited flow of prosperity and divine guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

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11:11 Light Body Activation +
Open Your Chakras Psychic Energy Attunement

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