June 2022 Astrology Forecast – LOVE & HARMONY Restored

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June 2022 Astrology Forecast – LOVE & HARMONY Restored

If you found last month to be challenging, you will be so relieved that this month is a lot easier. Harmony and love are restored. Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, Your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your June forecast.

Before we talk about June energy, I want to talk about what happened last month. It was so intense. It was a lot. And the good news is it sets you up for a more passionate, joyful experience, not just this month but moving forward.

So last month was eclipse season. We had those intense eclipses. It was so emotional. Mercury was retrograde, and it was an 11 universal month in numerology.


11 is a master number too. It teaches you to master your life with some extra challenges. But it also brings light and illumination to your shadow. Eclipses bring light to your shadow.

So all of these buried emotions and intuitive insights came up for you. And, of course, Mercury Retrograde gave you a different perspective on things.

So you were rethinking everything. You probably had to let go of some things, beliefs, expectations, and relationships. You probably had new light shed on some old issues. And it may be one of those things where you’re like, oh my gosh, why didn’t I realize these things before, please?

June 2022 Astrology Forecast

Whatever you do, do not beat up on yourself. You made these realizations now because you’re ready now. You have the spiritual strength to move to a new level in your life.

These eclipses sometimes bring fateful new beginnings and fateful endings of karmic lessons. So here you are in June. And so what do you do with all this energy? What do you do with these newfound insights?

June is your month to express yourself. It is the month to be true to who you are, rekindle your passions, and align with what you were born to do.


So we’re in the sun sign of Gemini for the majority of the month. And Gemini is all about using your voice and communicating, expressing, learning new things, growing in new ways, networking, connecting, and enjoying life.

It’s sort of like the hummingbird of the Zodiac. It likes to taste a lot of nectar. June is a time for you to be creative and explore new things.

And Mercury goes direct on June 3rd. Woah! Thank heavens. Am I right? Mercury is going direct in Taurus and is Gemini’s ruler. So it’s all about communication and your mind and your thoughts and learning. And Taurus governs what you value, including valuing yourself. Taurus rules the throat.

June 2022 Astrology Forecast

So this is a time to speak your truth. This is a time to communicate what’s in your heart. Venus rules Taurus and is also in Taurus. So Venus is in her home sign. Venus is all about luxuriating in beauty and enjoying life’s pleasures.

Now again, Taurus rules what you value. So you’re learning how to value yourself more. You’re learning how to value what’s important. You’re learning how to value the simple things in life. And you’re learning about how to elevate your self-worth so you can enjoy life more.

Additionally, Mars is in his home sign of Aries. This first sign of the Zodiac is about passion. So it’s all about putting yourself out there with confidence and enthusiasm. Aries is sexy, passionate, and courageous.


We have Venus and Mars in their home signs. So this is about this connection of really being passionate about your life. Yet, not pushing your way through life.

Venus is teaching you to luxuriate more and to enjoy life without having to make it so hard. This time is wonderful for romance. It is a wonderful time for passion projects and your creative pursuits.

In addition to this in numerology, June of 2022 is a 3 universal month. And three is a number associated with joy and fun and creativity and expression. Do you see the theme here?

June 2022 Astrology Forecast – LOVE & HARMONY Restored

So 3 teaches you to speak your truth. Three teaches you to say what’s in your heart. When the three activates anything that has been weighing on your heart, it’s time to express it. It’s time to bring it out into the world. This thing can be a creative project. It can be unexpressed feelings weighing on you.

So this is an incredible time to connect with new people, learn new things, and do what you love. And one of the many things that the eclipses taught you was what you didn’t love anymore. What wasn’t making you feel good. And it opened the space for what you can do and who you can connect with instead.

Three Action Steps

So that being said, I have three action steps to help you make the most of this beautiful, joyful time. Now, your first action step is to BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU! Look for anywhere in your life where you’re not completely yourself, hiding parts of yourself and not allowing yourself to express your true nature.

Anytime you are oppressing yourself or repressing a part of you, this will show up in other parts of your life. These things have a way of filtering everywhere, including your vitality.

Love Yourself

So it’s so important that you find ways to be yourself in any environment because whenever you are yourself and expressing yourself and sharing with the world the fullness of who you are, you get that reflected in you.

That’s when you can attract people and circumstances who love and appreciate you for the beautiful fullness of who you are with all your quirks and eccentricities. That’s when we love you more because you are uniquely you. So the more you love yourself by expressing yourself authentically, the more that comes back to you.

Second Action Step

Now your second action step in this June 2022 astrology forecast is to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORT. It’s easier for you to express your true nature when the people around you accept you for who you are. And again, you may have realized there are people in your life who don’t allow that and don’t accept you. They think you’re weird, or you feel like you have to hide around.

You don’t need to have these people in your life anymore. You can choose to let them go. You can choose to find people of like mind and souls who love you for who you are, who appreciate you for who you are. You’re unique, and you deserve to be loved and appreciated for who you are. So surround yourself with those people. Let go of anyone who doesn’t believe in it.

Third Action Step

We’ve arrived at our third action step to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Now you may even have people who love and appreciate you for who you are. And we all have these feelings inside of us where we’re afraid of hurting other people.

If we say what’s really in our minds, in our hearts, or afraid of being rejected or abandoned, especially if you’re sensitive, especially if you’re an empath, this 3 energy can bring up more sensitivity.

However, speaking what’s in your heart is going to liberate you. It’s so important that you share your needs, desires, creativity, and expression. So this can be feelings that you haven’t expressed that need to be expressed even with your dearest loved ones, or maybe people who aren’t your dearest loved ones.

Being Extraordinary 6-Week Empath Empowerment Mentorship

This is also true for creative expression. You are a co-creator. And one way that we learn to co-create our life is by being creative. So if there is a way that you want to express yourself creatively, now is a wonderful time to do that.

Everything in the universe is supporting you to do that. So if you want some support with all of these emotional and spiritual things, you can get it. Suppose you want to be with other people. Suppose you want help to be more embodied and empowered and connect with your inner truth and wisdom. In that case, you can still join me for Being Extraordinary, my six-week empath empowerment mentorship.

It’s a beautiful community of sensitive, compassionate souls. And I will help you reclaim your empathic, intuitive, and extra-sensory gifts. You can feel strong. You can claim your space in the world and feel empowered with your beautiful, unique gifts. You can join me until May 28th to sign up.

Being Extraordinary 6-Week Empath Empowerment Mentorship

We begin June 7th. I am so excited about this journey. So if you’d like more information, you can find that using the link below.

And if you’ve enjoyed this video, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below, share it with your friends and make sure you’ve liked and subscribed to my YouTube channel because I have so much more to share.

I love you so much. And I’m wishing you a joyful jubilant June and beyond. Lots of love. Bye for now.

June 2022 Astrology Forecast – Love & Harmony Restored

Our June astrology forecast shows sunny celestial skies!

After a whirlwind month, you can find your footing again.

Eclipse season is behind us. And PHEW! Mercury stations direct in Taurus on June 3, helping you gain traction on your plans.
In numerology, June 2022 is a 3 Universal Month.

Joyful 3 teaches you how to express what’s in your heart, so don’t hold back your feelings! Your creativity needs an outlet – sing, dance, write, journal, play, and show the world your true colors.

It’s a beautiful time for artistic endeavors, socializing, and fun. You may feel scattered from all the events and emotions swirling around, so make sure you’re taking time to enjoy yourself and don’t work too hard! You are rediscovering what you LOVE, so live it up!

In this June 2022 astrology and numerology forecast, I share how to luxuriate in this month’s loving vibes so you can make the most of it.

Enjoy every moment,


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16 thoughts on “June 2022 Astrology Forecast – LOVE & HARMONY Restored

  1. Kari your June forecast was very illuminating for me and I understood the reasons for some of the communication drama of the last month which I am still in the process of resolving. The 3 action plans you stated are so relevant and I will implement them into my daily actions–some of which I have already done automatically without the knowledge that this was a plan for numerology 3. Thank you for your insight, support and unconditional love of what you do and share with us.

  2. Kari, I am so glad I discovered you several years ago. (Not an accident) There is no question you are a happiness coach. Your spirit delivers joy and a message of love. You are a teacher who delivers the message to celebrate life with gratitude, forgiveness, authenticity and fearlessness. You put a smile on my face:)

  3. Your joyful radiance lights up the screen, Kari! Thank you!

    I’m really looking forward to your mentorship class. We empaths sometimes have to follow a delicate path to keep ourselves in balance and yet be able to fulfill the individual spiritual course that we’re here for. Thanks in advance for imparting your wisdom, experience, and, most important, sense of fun!

  4. One word for May, Painful, on all fronts, backs, bottoms & in between.
    The eclipses & retro Mercury, I am a Gemini, + Pluto, etc, did bring me to my knees. The world went mad even more so. Multiple levels of incoming realities, plural.
    Yet, here I am ready to lighten up with lighter energies in June. Thank you, Kari, for the forecast for a more playful month in June. Phew. We all need a breather!

  5. You are a bright and shiny soul Kari and I love your monthly updates and videos! your cheerful and positive personality and being lights me up! THANK YOU!

    Keep doing what you do…. you are amazing at it !!

    Love you very much! <3

  6. Thank you so much that was very much needed and and made me understand my emotions in my heart mind and spirit has been feeling in the past month .. give me the power to let go of what I need to let go and I really do feel my true self out coming out to th MAX!!! Believe me after all these years I’m not going to give up now I’m just gonna let go of my past every which way thank you for the extra push



  8. You’re the BEST, Kari, for letting us know the goodness that’s coming our way in June, 2022!

    Thank you for everything you do! Your enthusiasm is sooo infectious!


    1. I hear you and believe you. I feel identified with you. You speak my heart and mind. So congrants. I will follow you and hearnwhat you have to say. I would love to take you course but im very busy right now.
      Lots of hugs for you and the best luck.
      See you around 🙂

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