February 2024 Astrology Forecast: Forge Your Destiny!

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February 2024 Astrology Forecast: Forge Your Destiny!

This is the best month of the year to go for your dreams. And I’m going to help you make the most of this incredible month. Hello. I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your February forecast.

And I’m sure you’re like, what the heck just happened to January? This year is going to go by so fast and be so full. I’m sure you’ve seen. We’ve gotten a taste of what this year is about. It is larger than life. The energies this year are really expanded and all of our lessons are right there, aren’t they?

February is quite extraordinary in the sense that The skies are completely free and clear of retrogrades. This is an all systems go kind of month. Now March actually has a retrograde free sky too, but February is even more special because Pluto. Pluto just went into Aquarius and that’s a generational shift.

Pluto stays in a sign for about 20 years. It is going to go back into Capricorn for a little bit later this year. But right now, this is a really big stretch with Pluto at zero degrees. While the Sun is in Aquarius and all these personal planets are going to be connecting with the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius.

Forge Your Destiny!

While Pluto is in this potential, this zero degrees. Zero degrees is really Pure opportunity, pure potential. You’re learning, you’re generating. It’s like the fertile place from which everything springs. Zero is not nothing, right? Zero is everything. So we’re in this place of potential while Pluto, the transformer, is in the sign of the visionary Aquarius has.

So much to teach you this year. And while these planets are moving through Aquarius right now with the sun and Pluto connecting the sun, how you express yourself in the world, connecting with this sign of power and rebirth, it’s an incredible opportunity. So what does Aquarius teach you? What is Aquarius teaching us?

Because Pluto is going to be teaching us all about Aquarius for 20 years. Including the shadow aspects of Aquarius. So Pluto does bring up the shadow aspects. Aquarius teaches you to be comfortable in your uniqueness. In being out there. Its ruling planet is Uranus, which is out there. And Uranus actually just went direct.

Which is why we have this free sky. So Uranus is the Awakener. It wakes you up to who you are and changes things very quickly. So Aquarius is very forward moving, very future oriented, which is why we have so much of this futuristic energy now, like AI, which has taken over so quickly, right? And the next 20 years, technology, which Aquarius rules.

February 2024 Astrology Forecast

is really going to change faster than anyone can possibly conceive. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Revolution. Do these words all have something in common? So, we’re having a second Industrial Revolution, but it also revolutionizes society because Aquarius is society.

And Aquarius ironically, or maybe paradoxically, rules groups. And yet, it’s all about the individual because it is everyone being an individual, everyone celebrating and expressing their unique gifts in their own special way that makes society so beautiful and successful. Because there’s always strength.

Everything in biology is about strength in diversity. So Aquarius is really being highlighted now with so much of this energy this month and this new energy with Pluto and the Sun and how you’re expressing your personal power, how you’re expressing your uniqueness. And so you may be feeling these urges inside of you to break free, which is very much what Aquarius is about.

Where have you been oppressing yourself? Where have you been oppressed by others? And how can you break free now? And so that’s going to be a theme truly for the next 20 years and it’s starting now. You’re feeling this energy of ways that you’ve kept yourself small or kept your talents or your essence hidden.

Forge Your Destiny!

Or self imposed limitations. They’re coming to light now. And that’s what the sun does. It brings things to light. So we have this planet of the shadow, Pluto, with the sun that brings everything to your consciousness so that you can express yourself in different ways. And here we also have the numerology for this month, which is 1.

This is a one universal month. February 2024 is a one universal month. So really last month was a nine universal month. And we had Mercury retrograde the first day of the year. And then we were in the shadow period. So you were re evaluating things. It didn’t really have that New Year feeling, did it? One is all about new beginnings, starting a new cycle.

It’s also about innovation, individuality, inventiveness. Like those I words are shaped like the number one, right? Because you’re receiving information from Spirit. You’re receiving inspiration that you’re meant to act on a new way of being a new way of expressing yourself. So we here we have this retrograde free sky free and clear all systems go in this one universal month, which is all about believing yourself putting yourself first trusting your Your unique ways, your inspiration, your individuality.

So you’re starting to see the theme here.

February 2024 Astrology Forecast

This really is the New Year because this is the Lunar New Year. February 9th, right after this incredible new moon, which has a stellium, many, many planets in Aquarius. That initiates the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Wood Dragon. So we go out. of the year of the rabbit.

We say goodbye to the rabbit and we welcome the dragon, the wood dragon. Wood, which is the mother of fire. Can you feel the power of the dragon? This is so much about embodying your personal power. And we’re also in an eight universal year, which is also about your personal power. I’m sure you’re already seeing your life play out.

The different ways where you’ve diminished your power, where you’ve given your power to others, where you’re afraid to assert your power. So here’s the dragon coming roaring in, right? With our eclipses this year in Aries, which are teaching you to have fire, to believe in yourself, to put yourself first, to make yourself your number one priority.

By the way, I have decided to re release my book about dragons, Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon, which is a children’s book and it’s now available in paperback and hardcover all around the world and i’m going to put the link below to that because i want to celebrate the year of the dragon and i love dragons and i hope you do too so that you can find in the link below now again on to you so i want to share with you more about this spirit of entrepreneurship or adventure pioneering daring there’s more of this On February 19th, we have this incredibly special event where Chiron, the Wounded Healer, it’s an asteroid, but it really acts like a planet.

February 2024 Astrology Forecast

Fellow Virgos people, including me, feel that this is actually our ruling planet. The Wounded Healer is in Aries. It is conjunct, meaning at the exact degree. With our north node of destiny, the north node of the moon, which is also in Aries. They’re going to be exact on February 19th. Which by the way, 1 plus 9 is 1.

There’s more of this one energy. It’s everywhere. Beginning cycles, ending cycles, to put yourself first, to make yourself a priority. And that energy is happening all month. Actually, a lot of it’s playing out throughout the year. What that’s about is that your destiny, really everyone’s destiny comes from the challenges we face and then when we overcome those challenges we are strengthened by them and often we share that with the world.

That’s really the energy of Chiron. And that’s really how our destiny works. So when Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is connecting with our North Node of Destiny in Aries, which is about your belief in yourself, having courage in yourself, having a pioneering spirit, putting yourself first. You’re facing now, your wounds around that.

Wherever you have put yourself last or made other people’s needs a priority, you’re waking up to that and you’re healing that. At least you’re meant to. So if things are happening in your life now, where you’re recognizing that You are diminishing your power. You have self imposed limitations. You don’t have freedom in an area of your life.

February 2024 Astrology Forecast

Or you’re not allowing yourself freedom in an area of your life. Maybe because you’re putting other people first. Or maybe because you’re not taking a chance on yourself or believing in yourself. That’s going to come up for you now. And it’s really going to come to A very critical point around the 19th.

So pay attention to what’s happening in your life within and around you around issues of independence, uniqueness, believing in yourself, or codependence. And this is your wound that is healing now so that you can share your gifts with the world, which is what the Aquarius Energy. is really calling us to do, calling you to do.

 It’s an incredibly powerful month. This in the sense of opportunity and momentum is the best month of the year. And I hope you take advantage of it. And so I have three action steps to help you. And the first one is actually to take action on your dreams. This is an incredibly powerful month, and I don’t want you to.

Fritter it away by thinking, I’m not ready yet. Plant those seeds, take those actions, do the thing before you feel ready. Do it now. If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to do, of course, do it well, right? But we’re all going to be learning as we go. And you build your confidence muscles by actually doing something.

Forge Your Destiny!

So somehow, whatever you need to do to start something that you’ve always wanted to do, even if it’s a hobby, do it now. Do that thing that’s in your heart that you’ve been wanting to express, you don’t quite feel ready for, do it now. Okay?

Which brings us to our second action step, which is to celebrate your uniqueness. That is what this is all about There’s only one of you in the world you have special gifts that you came here to express and create and do and be And that is why you were chosen to receive your inspiration.

Because you have everything within you to make what’s inside of you a reality. To make that come true. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been given the gift of your inspiration. Believe in yourself. Believe in your unique abilities. To create and co create the life that you want, which brings us to our third action step, which is to take the path less traveled.

You’re meant to do something very unique. And when you look around, you’re not going to see that path. Tread before you because you’re meant to do it. Also, to break out of routines. Try something new, right? It shakes up your energy. It brings new life to you. Again, this can be just a hobby. If there’s something that you’ve been wanting to do that brings you joy, that opens up your energy for everything.

February 2024 Astrology Forecast

So change things up. Do something new and do something that’s unique to you. Especially if you haven’t seen it done in the outside world or at least not in the way that you can do it.

It’s your essence. Your unique essence is why you were born. I actually also have something special for you. a free guide called Love by the Numbers. Now, this is a Valentine’s Day treat, but it’s not necessarily about romance, but it can be. This is a numerology guide to your love language and the love language of the people around you.

What you need to be happy, how you’re hardwired. to make you thrive. So this is a free guide that’s going to help you understand yourself and the loved ones in your life. And you can download that using the link below. And again, it is absolutely free. And also, you can find the link to my children’s book, Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon.

You and your loved ones will enjoy it. So, I am wishing you an absolutely Fabulous, fantastic February and beyond. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure to like it and subscribe to this channel. It really helps me share my message of love with you and others. I love you so much and have a wonderful month.

Bye for now.

Your February Astrology Forecast

February bursts onto the scene like a fresh new year, free from the constraints of retrogrades and brimming with potential. The stars align, whispering encouragement as you step forward with bold ambition and unbridled dreams.

Aquarius: Your Guiding Light (until February 18th)

This month’s innovative spirit comes courtesy of Aquarius, the water bearer. Its refreshing energy urges you to explore uncharted territories and chase those dreams with reckless abandon. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone – Aquarius thrives on pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional.

New Moon Magic (February 9th): Time to Set Intentions

A powerful stellium gathers under the New Moon in Aquarius, amplifying your words and intentions. Choose them wisely, for they hold the power to shape your reality. Let go of limitations and aim high, fueled by the courage and confidence instilled by the Wood Dragon – ruler of the Lunar New Year.

Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon

Welcome the Year of the Dragon

February ushers in the Lunar New Year. We bid farewell to the gentle Rabbit and welcome the dynamic and powerful Year of the Dragon. This mythical creature, revered in Chinese culture for centuries, symbolizes strength, ambition, protection, and prosperity. This is your time to summon your power.

Throughout the month, you are guided towards aligning your actions with your deepest wishes, shedding what no longer serves you, and confidently stepping into a future of your own design.

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13 thoughts on “February 2024 Astrology Forecast: Forge Your Destiny!

  1. Thankyou Kari. Feeling the Universal Energy’s changing, especially since 2024 started. Something is brewing within my soul, & waiting in anticipation for what will become of this…We definitely need more Empathy energies in this world. February feels good so far… Thankyou & NAMASTE. 😉👌💖🦂✨

    1. Hi Kari
      This forecast is spot on for me! February has been so jammed packed with doc appointments for my husband, daughter, sick cat and now me-the caretaker -has health problems so I finally have to take care of me too. Anyway, I finally got time to listen to your forecast on 2/25! I’m so glad I did. Take care fellow Virgo ♍️

  2. The link to download the Love by numbers does not work.
    Am i doing something wrong?!?
    Thanks niw for the februari forecast, very interesting.
    Love to All

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