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Akashic Records – Your Soul’s Journey Illuminated

Akashic Records – Your Soul’s Journey Illuminated

Open yourself up to infinite possibilities

There’s no denying, your intuition is stronger than ever right now. You’re going to have many revelations. Insights into intuitions that you’ve denied, usually to protect yourself from what threatens your security, will now rise to your consciousness.

Your life is about to change…

As you wake up to the truths you’ve been keeping from yourself, or others have been keeping from you, you’re going to ask yourself,


It’s inevitable. Once you move through a karmic pattern, it seems so obvious what would have been easier for you. Yet when you’re IN a karmic pattern, one that you’ve repeated lifetime after lifetime, it’s not so easy to recognize, until you move through it.

The Akashic Records illuminate your soul’s journey

Your soul has been through many lifetimes enhancing your spiritual gifts, and also accumulating lessons through a series of cause and effect known as karma. All of your actions are stored in what’s known as the Akashic Records. Every thought, action, emotion and intention you’ve ever had are imprinted there.

The Akashic Records aren’t a book in a library – though that is the symbolic representation of them. They are far more flexible than that.

You can actually learn to read the Akashic Records quite easily. In doing so, you can learn WHY you have certain people and circumstances in your life, and how to heal your karmic patterns so you no longer need to repeat them.

Gain insight into your past, present and future

The Akashic Records are as infinite as the Universe. Once you learn how to tap into this vast resource of healing and insight, your life will be enriched in the most remarkable ways.

If you want to know how to tune into the Akashic Records to discover your soul’s purpose, and heal your past, present and change your probable future, I’ve interviewed my friend Jennifer Longmore, who’s done  more than 30,000 Akashic Records consultations and has taught thousands of people to do so too.

You can listen to the recording of our interview below. It’s entertaining and enlightening!

You’ll want to take notes. Even I learned a lot. Plus, Jennifer has got some pretty amazing stories doing readings for just about every person you can imagine.

Akashic Masterclass

Jennifer is also hosting a FREE Masterclass, where you’ll learn about the Akashic Records to answer these questions:

  • What is my soul’s purpose?
  • What are my divine gifts and talents?
  • What am I here to master and how am I here to serve?
  • How can I accelerate my soul’s journey and reach the deepest levels of consciousness?
  • How can I align all life decisions (health, wealth, relationship, etc.) with my purpose?
  • How can I turn myself into an attraction magnet for all things ideal?

The possibilities are endless.

You’ll want to register right away as there are time-sensitive bonuses for her complete Akashic Records Home Study system once you decide to go deeper.

Register for the Akashic Records Masterclass here.

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