2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

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2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

2023 Astrology Forecast

2023 is a year for the history books, and how will you write your story? My name is Kari Samuels, your Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach with your yearly forecast for 2023. There’s so much happening this year, big changes.

And I know you’re probably so tired of hearing that. I’ve been talking about how 2023 is a year of soul-searching, and I always hear the collective groan. Here it is. This is a year when you can finally live your soul’s purpose. I know we’ve had so many challenging, hard. wrenching years, and it’s all been leading to the changes that are transpiring in 2023.

This is a year to fulfill your soul’s purpose, to live the life your soul intended, and to do and be who you were born to be. That is a tall order. And that is what the energy of this year is moving you toward. I’m sure you’ve been feeling it, so the. Three years, 2020, up until now, have been massive changes in society, collective changes.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

We’ve been dealing with collective trauma as we’ve been dealing with truth being revealed and awakenings, and it’s been a lot. Because you probably realize what does and does not work for you anymore.

You realize what you will not tolerate anymore, and the process has been exhausting, and dealing with that collective trauma has awakened some of your personal trauma, too, most likely.

And so this process of awakening, of bringing to light these aspects of your life and the world that are dysfunctional, is actually helping you deal with reality and live in alignment with your truth. So as you move forward throughout this year and the rest of your life, you can live on purpose.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

So again, this is a tall order. And I’m going to share with you some of the most important events in astrology and numerology that I see that are really causing this change.

But I don’t want to use the word “causing” because the planets, the numbers, don’t make you do things. They simply indicate the changes that are happening within and around you. As above, so below. So as we can predict the weather by looking at patterns and the way things are shifting.

When we look at the planets, the numbers, and even the tarot teachers, it shows us what’s moving, and they are all archetypes.
They show us in what ways and what our spiritual lessons are going to be.

This is a year rich with spiritual lessons. Change is immense. We are going to have a completely different ecosystem in the heavens by the end of the year, which means that life here on earth is going to be completely different.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

The planets that are changing our social planets, and we have an outer planet that’s a generational planet, Pluto, that’s changing. And this means that life will never be the same.

Saturn is changing signs, and that happens once every two to three years. Jupiter is changing signs. That’s a once-a-year thing. And Jupiter blesses everything it touches when it is in a sign, and Pluto only changes signs once every 20 ish years.

And that’s what’s happening this year. Pluto comes around, and its orbit around the sun is 248 years, so that is a generational change.

So when Pluto changes signs, everything in our culture and society shifts to Saturn as well. Saturn and Jupiter are the social planets. So all three are changing signs this year. In addition to that, the nodes of the moon are changing.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Those are known as the Lunar Nodes of Destiny, and that also shifts what we are culturally transforming karmically, our karma, which we heal as a collective, and our dharma, which we are going toward as a collective, which also, of course, transpires on a personal level. Every planet’s going to be retrograde, and we actually begin the year with Mercury in retrograde and Mars in retrograde.

Those are personal planets. You are probably familiar with Mercury retrograde and all the mayhem that can ensue when Mercury is retrograde. It doesn’t need to be that way. Mercury is the planet of your mind, your thoughts, and your communication. Mars is the planet of action.

So with these two planets retrograde at the top of the year, plus Uranus, which is the planet about freedom and liberation and awakenings and movement, sudden movement, these three are retrograde, and they all three go direct in January.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

So we start the year in a time of reflection in a way with a world that’s upside down. And your world may have been turned upside down this last year, and especially the last three years.

And so you’re rethinking things. You’re reevaluating things. And so before there was this forward movement and starting the year with, “I’m going to do this, “and this is “what I want, “and “this is what I’m going to do,” you’re starting in reflection.

The universe speaks to us through symbols and signs, and the universe is telling you to slow down. Maybe you’re exhausted. Most of us are exhausted, especially from this last year of doing, doing, going, going.

What the universe is telling you is that’s not necessarily the best way anymore because you can’t just keep moving forward in the way you’ve been doing it. You have to stop and tune into yourself.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Retrogrades are inner journey movements. Every planet’s going to be retrograde this year, so this is a year of tuning in and revising, revisioning, and rethinking. In July and August, up until the beginning of September, Venus is going to be on a 40-day retrograde journey.

Forty days and 40 nights. The planet of the heart is going inward. Who do you love and why? Everything about this year is questioning why? Why are you doing what you’re doing? And how can you do it differently? That is what the universe is showing us what is necessary right now in order for you to thrive.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Now, there’s something that pulls this together. All these planets, this planetary movement. In numerology, 2023 is a seven year. And 7 is the number of soul-searching. Seven is associated with tuning into your soul, tuning into your heart, and tuning out the world. So usually, in a seven year, there’s more reflection.

Are you seeing the patterns of the universe here? Everything in the universe is showing you that you need to question WHY? How? Who are you connecting with?

How can you make your movement on this planet and your journey on this planet meaningful? This is really a deeper search for meaning. Seven is associated with intuition, not “out”t uition, intuition.

7 Universal Year

Okay, so there’s always questioning when the 7 is activated. This is the theme all year. It’s the year of asking the big questions. And so all of the changes that have been happening in the world have forced us to change how we live, work, and love in the world, and how we respond and how we heal.

So it’s a year of tremendous healing as well. And again, you’re probably tired of it, but in some ways, we’ve only scratched the surface because we’ve become aware of what needs to be healed in society and in your heart. Because we’re connected, nobody’s a microcosm, we’re not a microcosm from the planets, and we’re not a microcosm of each other.

We live in a holographic universe. So things have been coming up that have brought to your awareness what needs to be healed, and this is a year to heal them, to know yourself better.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

So if you haven’t by now realized ways that you have been doing, Simply to please other people or out of conditioning because this is the way you’ve always done it.

Well, you’re going to recognize that now, but if you’ve already been in that process, you have a huge head start. So this is a year where I encourage a lot of therapy, therapeutic work, and tuning in meditation. This 7 is a year that is all about the bridge between heaven and earth. We have seven days a week.

We have 7 colors in a rainbow. More importantly, you have 7 major chakras, and the chakras are the energy centers that connect your physical being with the energetic realm, and that’s very much a metaphor for what the 7 is about. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And in this human experience, how do you want to make your mark in the world?

7 Universal Year

How do you want to live? Now, that doesn’t need to be a career, although if you are still working, you will most likely change the course of your career. In some ways, it can look the same on the outside, but the way you approach your work and your calling will be very different because this is very much about finding your calling or living your calling.

And I know there’s something in you that is just driving you to do more while enjoying more as well because that is part of the big question.
Why do you even work? It’s to enjoy the people in your life. It’s to enjoy having a body and all the delights of the planet.

Now, Jupiter, the sign that is going into in May for one year, Jupiter is moving into Taurus, which is all about enjoying the physical body and the delights of the planet and artistic beauty. The beauty all around you.
It’s about our values, also how we make and earn money. Now, that begins in May.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

There’s all this happening before that in March. That is when Saturn and Pluto change signs. That’s going to be a big month. Now, when an outer planet changes signs, it doesn’t always have an immediate effect, but usually in that month, right around that time, there’s a jolt, there’s a shift.

These are slow, incremental changes that happen over time. Saturn has been going into Pisces for three years. Saturn is the planet of structure and boundaries and limitations and discipline and responsibility. Saturn is the Lord of karma, the Lord of time. How you keep time. It’s all about how we structure our lives in the physical world.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It’s also related to karma and healing karma. Pisces is mutable water. It has no natural boundaries. So it will be interesting how the planet of boundaries and structure goes into the sign of Boundarylessness. It will be interesting and healing. This will bring a lot of healing over the next three years.

7 Universal Year

This is actually one of my favorite parts about what’s coming up for us. People will feel more comfortable talking about mental health. There will be resources developed to treat mental health. Everyone will be more comfortable talking about feelings and not just Instagram feelings. Okay? Not just happy presenting feelings.

Really what’s going on on the inside? You’ll be amazed at what is happening on the inside, people, because this is a tough planet, okay? And we are all going to start to talk about what’s really going on, and this will help all of us heal. Anytime there’s any kind of representation, we will see more representation and more diversity because boundaries are being dissolved.

That’s what happens when Saturn is in Pisces. So this is why this is also a time of immense healing. Now, of course, we’re all going to be so emo! It’s going to be very emotional, but that’s part of the healing, right? You have to feel to heal.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

And of course, as we all become more comfortable talking about our feelings and not just these happy feelings, not just what we want to present to people, this is going to transform the world in beautiful ways.

Now, also in March, Pluto moves into Aquarius. This is only going to be until June. We’re going to get a taste of this transformational planet, the planet of death and rebirth and transformation, and the underworld, the shadow, truth. Pluto moves into Aquarius until June and then goes back into Capricorn, where it’s been since 2008.

Pluto in Capricorn has transformed our economy, the way we do business, and government. All the big structures of our world. Since 2008, Pluto has been bringing to light all that needs to be healed and fixed and abuses of power. Pluto goes into the sign of the people. Aquarius is all about society. It actually governs society.

7 Universal Year

It actually governs astrology itself. Aquarius is your dreams, your goals, your friends, the people that you commune with, and people that you have things in common with. And what’s so beautiful about Aquarius is the inherent paradox. Because Aquarius teaches us that we all need to work together in a way that we’re all equal by having us all be unique individuals.

So it’s both a sign of individuality and the collective because that is the best way to be in a group in a collective. That’s the way we all grow and thrive. Nature thrives in diversity, so we’re being called by the universe to be more of ourselves, to be comfortable being ourselves. And this is accentuated when the North nodes of destiny move into Aries.

Now, this is what triggers the eclipses. The North Node of Destiny is where we are all headed collectively. It’s going into Aries, and karmically, the South Node shows us what we need to let go of collectively, and that’s in Libra.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Libra is the sign of relationships. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be in relationships. However, Libra, in its shadow form, is too accommodating, and Aries believes in itself.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. It teaches you to have confidence and courage, and those nodes change signs in July. So that’s all happening while Venus is going retrograde, helping you reevaluate yourself.

So everything about this year is teaching you to go inside, find your buried treasure, reconnect with your passions, reconnect with your purpose, and express that in the world.

7 Universal Year

Now, there’s so much to this. There are so many nuances to the changes transpiring this year, but I wanted to give you the main essential points.

That said, I have three essential ways your keys to happiness and success this year that you absolutely must pay attention to.

Essential For Happiness

Your first essential for happiness this year is to take time for yourself every day. That’s non-negotiable, especially with that 7, which is all about having divine downloads and an influx of information, an influx of insight. It could be very taxing for your nervous system if you’re not processing things.

You can miss things if you’re not taking time. So it’s very important that you take time and. space for yourself every day. Even more helpful if you process your thoughts and emotions.

Journaling is really helpful. Therapy is helpful. Any healing modality is helpful for you to process. So that’s an investment in you if you are taking time to heal yourself.

If you’re taking time to process your emotions, meditation. , the 7 is often associated with retreat. So anyway you can distance yourself from the noise of the world, so essential.

Second Essential For Happiness

Okay, which brings us to the essential key to happiness number two, which is to express yourself with integrity. Now, I hope I’ve made it clear how important it is for you to be yourself. The reason that so many people suffer is that they’re hiding who they are, and that keeps people at a distance.

It keeps opportunities from presenting themselves when you are living your soul’s purpose. When you have the courage to be yourself, and again, this means all of you, not just the part you think Instagram wants to see or your clients want to see, or whatever that is.

You need to be yourself and express that with integrity, which means the whole version of you, not a piece of you, not this piece of you, all of you. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do that’s a part of you that’s really craving expression, pay attention to those parts of yourself that are longing for expression.

If there’s something that you’re not saying to someone because you’re trying to protect them, well, that’s not expressing yourself with integrity. All of you authentically need to be expressed and communicated, and I promise you that when you have the courage to be yourself, your whole world changes for the better.

Third Essential For Happiness

Now, your essential key to happiness number three is to build better boundaries. That’s challenging for a lot of people because it’s really even challenging to know what boundaries are. So, boundaries are first around your time.

So are there any time leeches? Do you find yourself wasting time by scrolling or getting involved in other people’s drama? Or not saying no when you should be doing something for yourself.

Okay? Boundaries in time, boundaries in energy. So you have to be very careful where you are directing your energy. Notice your energy, how you feel in different circumstances, and where you want to focus your energy.

7 Universal Year

Is what you’re doing and who you are with, are they a good use of your life force to be connecting with them? Pay attention to all of that. So as you build better boundaries around your time and your energy, you can direct that to make your life more joyful.

You can create boundaries to create time where you recreate or you relax every day. And if you do things, if you create habits every day that contribute to your well-being, that’s a boundary of time. In this boundary of time, I do this for me! And that is going to change your world.

So do you see? Your world can change for the better. With all these changes in our world, you are going to find your place in it bigger and bolder than ever before.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Now I do have something free for you that’s going to help you. My numerology guide for your personal year helps you understand how you can direct your energy in this 7 universal year.

This is based on your birthdate, and that is free, so I highly recommend that you get that using the link below. I also have so much more that I have to share about this year.

I have five hours of video where I talk about your personal numerology and the astrology of the year and month by month, the best timing for everything, and a 170-page celestial guide that really helps you know how to navigate the many twists and turns of the year.

7 Universal Year

You can find out about all of those things using the links below. I’ll leave that for you in the description, And if you found this video helpful, make sure you are subscribed to this channel because I have so much more that I’m sharing with you throughout the year about intuition, astrology, and numerology.

So many things to help you throughout your life, so you can subscribe and hit that bell to be notified when I come out with a new video. And if you’ve enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up. I love you so much, and I wish you a joyful, beautiful, and fulfilling 2023 and beyond.

So much love to you. Lots of love. Bye for now.

2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

Looking to the stars for guidance?

It’s 2023 – an exciting time to be alive! We are in the middle of a seismic shift in our society, and it’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the changes.

But fear not! You can use astrology and numerology to make sense of it all. In this forecast, we’ll explore the major planets changing signs in 2023 and how they will affect you this year. You’ll also learn what it means to be in a 7 Universal Year and how that will shape our lives in the coming months.

Three of the most influential planets will be changing signs: Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces, and Jupiter in Taurus. We explore what these placements mean for your life and how to make the best of them in the year ahead.

We also discuss the personal planets Mars, Mercury, and Venus retrograde. They hold the lessons of your daily life, including who and what you love.

In numerology, 2023 marks a 7 Universal Year – one full of introspection and soul-searching. Seven is associated with inner wisdom which suggests that now may be an excellent opportunity to reflect on your life, while also planning ahead for future goals or dreams.

This is a year to make your dreams come true!

Expect 2023 to be an action-packed yet transformative year filled with plenty of self-reflection!

In this forecast, I share with your THREE ESSENTIAL KEYS TO HAPPINESS to make this your best year yet.

You can utilize the power of astrology and numerology to inform and shape your journey into a successful and fulfilling 2023!

We have busy and bustling last two months of the year, that’s why I’m offering my entire 160+ page 2022 Celestial Guide as a free gift to you. Get your FREE 2022 Celestial Guide Now »


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  2. Hi Kari,

    I absolutely loved it , so true, especially after my year for 2022 ..
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    It just re confirmed for me that my insight for 2023 is exactly that ..
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