Is your home supporting your
happiness and well-being?

 Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you live, eat, sleep, rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. The right environment can support your health, prosperity, romance and happiness. Yet, if the energy of your home is out of balance, it can affect your sleep, health, love life, family, friends and finances. The history of your home is retained in the walls and atmosphere.

Everything is energy - including your home!

Every interaction that has ever taken place in your home has an emotional imprint on your environment. If you’ve had an argument, or felt depression, anger or sadness, that emotional energy is retained in your space, until it is cleared.

Thoughts are things. Emotions have an impact. 

The fabric of your home is woven with emotional memories.

Your furniture and all the objects in your home retain an emotional charge. Everything in your home is carrying the memories of its history. If you walk into a room that is filled with objects from your past (or other people’s) you will feel those emotions every time you step into that space. This can be cluttering your mind, and energy, keeping you from happiness and prosperity.

There's good news.  You can easily transform the energy of your home for happiness!

In this fun 2 HOUR MASTERCLASS, you will learn how to:

  • Connect with angels to cleanse and protect the energy of your home.
  • Have your children and family members connect with angels for healing and protection.
  • Simple techniques for clearing the energy of your space that don’t involve smudging.
  • How to positively charge the energy of your space anywhere and anytime. (Yes, you can do this in the office, airports and even public bathrooms!)
  • Discern what objects need to be removed from your environment, and what will benefit you.
  • Clear the energy of objects from negative imprinting.
  • Create light grids in your home and anywhere you go!

These simple, life-changing techniques will benefit everyone in your family, and help you stay grounded, positive and happy in your home and wherever you go!

BONUS MATERIAL - Numerology for your home

During this event, you will learn about YOUR personal house numerology and how it affects your life!
Your house number also affects your well-being. If you are living in a home that is incompatible to you, you can feel uncomfortable and unsettled. The RIGHT house numerology can create an environment of joy and prosperity.
Discover your home numerology to create a frequency of love!

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