Necole Stephens, Spirit Medium

butterfly-homeBeing a Spiritual Medium myself, I rarely receive any sessions personally, but a friend of mine who is also a psychic medium recommended Kari, so I knew I could trust her. What was so amazing is that I was struggling with a conflict within myself and had not spoken about it to anyone. Kari picked up on it immediately. She opened my eyes to what I was really feeling, enabling me to really look deeper into my situation for clarity and direction. Not only is Kari accurate, she was able to give me that much needed push toward fulfilling my purpose while still showing compassion. I am truly grateful that I was able to have this experience.

Rayna Romero, Energy Healer and Acupuncturist

butterfly-homeAmazing Amazing Amazing! I could sing Kari Samuels’ praises for days! There is no doubt she is highly gifted, and the beautiful thing is that she uses her gift to help people. She has a warm and playful spirit, but don’t let that fool you, Kari makes miracles happen! My first session with her literally changed my life. Kari has helped me tap into my own intuition and feel more fulfilled and on purpose. She made me believe in myself and feel more guided and protected in this world. I had no intention of starting a private practice when I met Kari, but she made me realize I was suppressing a dream which could easily become reality. Now I’m in practice and I have an outlet to express my gift to the world. Kari is a beautiful soul, a beloved teacher and a gift to the intuitive community!

James Wedmore, YouTube Marketing Strategist, creator of Video Traffic Academy

butterfly-homeEvery great athlete has a coach or a trainer. As a hard-working entrepreneur, I’ve always looked for someone who can be my coach to guide me and push me. I’ve finally found that with Kari. I look sooo forward to our calls! She has been the catalyst to clarification and breaking through my limiting beliefs. She always has the right thing to say, and when you take action on her advice, it is truly powerful! She has an incredible gift, she is using it, and she will help you find and use your gift! I recommend Kari 100%, but as actions speak louder than words, I have her permanently marked in the calendar for an out standing call every three months.

Janet Nicksic, Reiki Master and ThetaHealing® Practitioner

butterfly-homeI am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Energy Healer myself. I have received years of training as a Counselor and have had the great opportunity to closely collaborate with countless experts in the fields of Social Work, Energetics, and Intuitive Psychics. My life has changed since meeting Kari. I am constantly in awe of her ability to intuitively listen to my needs and collaboratively work with me to find the most helpful answers to my challenges I come to her with.

Kari is a genuine, authentic healer. She is one of those Teachers and Counselors that will help guide you to positively change your life in the most gentle way possible. If you are looking to learn more about accessing your own intuition, in need of guidance along your path, and want to be blown away by a TRUE psychic, I highly recommend you meeting with Kari. You are in angel hands with Kari.

Stacy D’Aguiar, Visionary Artist and Graphic Designer

butterfly-homeKari is truly a happiness coach! Her wisdom and insight into soul work has given me a great understanding about myself. I’ve learned more about my journey working with her than anyone else in my lifetime. Her gentle, loving, light and bright energy radiates outward and touches everyone she comes in contact with. Kari has given me the gift of awareness of my higher self. I highly recommend anyone work with her. Just to know her is an amazing experience!

Kiayanna, Angel Intuitive

butterfly-homeMy intuitive reading with Kari was AMAZING! She was able to find out exactly why I have been feeling so uneasy lately and offered guidance not only as to how to change my thinking, but also how to approach this in a new light! Kari also opened my eyes to a family issue, which I had no idea was affecting my life. She told me who my power animals are and why those particular animals are helping me. I asked Kari about a physical condition that I have recently been experiencing panic attacks from. Kari went into the Akashic Records, into my past lives and was able to pinpoint exactly why I was having these problems from a past life in Egypt. She not only was able to tell me about that particular life and what happened to me, which completely explained why I have been having issues in this life, but she also gave me a solution to solve this problem, by asking my guides and Angels for a particular dream which would set me free! To say Kari is amazing is an understatement! She helps people to change their lives for the highest and best, helps us to escape limiting beliefs and past programming, and she can assist you with anything you want to ask your spirit guides about! I would HIGHLY recommend Kari to anyone who wants a life changing intuitive reading!

I’ve also taken her intuitive development classes which are also amazing! Kari has taught me to accept who I am and let my light shine! She has been a huge inspiration and helped open my eyes to my true calling, to have my own intuitive business! Once I found her classes, I found my tribe. Her classes are fun while offering a lot of hands on learning, along with deep spiritual teachings. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to take one of Kari’s many classes, or to anyone who wants a life changing intuitive reading. Kari will change your life for the better, as she has changed mine!

Alicia Isaacs Howes, Akashic Record Consultant and Soul Story Expert

butterfly-homeOne of my greatest gifts this year was finding Kari. She’s a brilliant numerologist, gifted intuitive and shares with such love, clarity and light that you can’t but help feel good after a reading with her. She shares information in a way that’s very practical, so you’ll end your session feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to fulfill your potential. I am delighted to highly recommend Kari as a coach, teacher and guide and very glad she’s here!

Rebecca McKinney, Energy Healer and Intuitive Counselor

butterfly-homeKari will forever be one of the most important people in my life. She doesn’t just teach about channeling love, she exudes love, reason, and joy. I have waves of gratitude every single day for the gifts she helped me to uncover—I knew something was there and I’ve always worked in the healthcare field, but it wasn’t until meeting Kari and taking her beautiful classes that it all came together. She is able to translate difficult or unfamiliar or intimidating concepts of intuition into tangible, clear, and exciting universal events. I learn so much about myself, the world and the interconnectedness of all things every single class, without fail. It’s awesome!! The best, most gratifying part of all, is that I also feel her wisdom and incredible sense of humor and love in every session I do. Working with Kari is like one powerful, continuous angel hug! I think of her as my mentor and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

Alexis Ware, ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner

butterfly-homeI worked with Kari as an intuitive numerologist to select the dates for my next Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing® courses. So far everyone I’ve spoken to about the dates for class has said, “Wow, that’s perfect.” or “That’s actually the only weekend I would be able to do it.” It feels really good to be so certain of the dates because they are based on more than just my best hunch. Kari is very intuitive, shares information effortlessly and I am super excited to work with her again!

Sylvia Lua, San Diego CA

butterfly-homeMy first reading with Kari was more than I expected. I went to her for help with direction in my career. During the reading, she mentioned that I needed help with releasing some fears on starting a family, she was right on. After the healing session, within days I couldn’t believe that my fears were gone. My husband and I were so excited to start a family. With in 6 weeks we were pregnant. I am now a mom to a beautiful baby girl and couldn’t be happier! Thank you Kari for knowing exactly what I needed.

Erin Raimondi, Life Coach and Writer

butterfly-homeI consider myself a pretty insightful person, but when I stumbled upon a marked fork in the professional road, I sought guidance to illuminate which path would serve my highest purpose and respect my unique talents. Kari had helped me get through personal matters of gravitas before, so I started utilizing her amazing gifts and perception to carve a clear, concise, and determined plan of action towards a life that celebrated who I was and what I had to offer the world. Luckily, Kari also has a quick wit and a sense of levity, so I leave sessions feeling hopeful and light, not overwhelmed or confused. She’s definitely a rarity in a world of cynics and followers–she brings you out of your head and into your heart. That’s no easy feat, but it’s proved vital in creating a life and a career of substance and joy.

Gilly Lyons, Portland OR

butterfly-homeKari is nothing short of amazing. I’ve had several readings with Kari over the past few years, and each time, I am struck by her compassion, insight, and perspective. A couple of months ago, I took my first-ever class with Kari – which was fantastic. Just as she does in her one-on-one readings, she blends her gifts of intuition and perception with humor and humanity; during her class, I found myself doing a guided meditation one moment, and laughing the next – it’s a wonderful and powerful combination.

Most recently, Kari helped guide me through a difficult period involving a family health issue, and at each step of the way, she allowed me to identify and better understand the core patterns that underpinned the situation I was dealing with. In these and previous sessions, Kari immediately saw, and illuminated for me, fundamental dynamics that I could then act to change. She does so with warmth, kindness, light, and an openness that makes me feel instantly comfortable. Kari is a truly gifted counselor and healer who is also completely down-to-earth and accessible.

Nichole Goldsmith, Laurel Maryland

butterfly-homeIntuitive counselor seems such an insufficient description for Kari’s gift. Much more than a counselor, Kari is a teacher, a healer, a spiritual coach and a master interpreter of past life, present circumstances and the enlightened “now” that your higher power has carved for you. She is a born healer with the mastery of shaman and the heart of an angel. Rarely have I found an intuitive so inspired and at the same to so accessible, witty and real. Kari is a phenom and her readings are truly blessed.

Annette Varoli, Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach

butterfly-homeKari isn’t like your typical psychic… talking to her feels more like you’re talking with a great friend who just so happens to have expert ability to tap into Spirit and deliver amazingly accurate insights about your life.I did an intuitive reading with her when I was at a crossroads in my life. Just one hour with Kari brought me so much clarity in terms of my life’s larger purpose. It turns out that I had been leaving out a big piece of the puzzle in my work, which was my passion for spirituality. She brought my awareness to it, explained to me from a karmic perspective why I was doing that and then taught me how to practice strengthening my connection to Spirit.

My life is more fulfilling and peaceful now as a result. Coming from someone who usually wants to have a plan for everything, I’m more able to relax and go with the flow of life! Kari is warm and fun-loving but at the same time has no problem giving you some tough love with her sass! I highly recommend Kari and all the good work she is doing in the world.

Randina Marie Jones, Life Coach and Energy Healer

butterfly-homeKari is one of the most gifted and amazing souls I have ever had the pleasure of engaging with. She was on point about every single topic. I gave her no information but my name and birthdate and she just “knew” me. She cleared some energy still residing in my energy field from past lives and if you don’t believe in energy and past lives you’ll get it eventually, maybe your next lifetime 🙂 I knew it was from a past life because she just knew my beliefs that I’ve been carrying and creating with since childhood. I literally felt lighter and my thoughts and feelings were somewhat different. It was amazing. Thank you Kari from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Adam Winter, Lifestyle and Fitness Trainer

butterfly-homeThe intuitive guiding and energy healing that Kari and I have done in our sessions has been profound and life changing. I was referred to Kari by a well known and respected reflexologist who told me that Kari would help me to tap into my inner soul on a deep level. After just a few sessions, Kari had me confidently tackling fearful issues in my life that I normally would not have had the courage to address.After a few months of doing guided meditations with Kari, I had a huge breakthrough in my life. I was listening and reconnected to my Spirit Guides. This new connection allowed me to step into the role that I am in now, which is the owner of a fast expanding health facility in San Diego called Adam Winter Lifestyle. Thank you Kari!

Jenna Gumto, Writer and Style Blogger

butterfly-homeI have seen psychics and intuitives before, but I really felt this connection with Kari. During my session, Kari never asked me questions in a way to get something out of me. She simply began to explain some things about myself to me. Everything she said was specific to me and my current life. It never felt “hokey” or “contrived”. It all made sense and was not some vague reading that could apply to just anyone.

I found myself getting emotional a few times. That’s how intimate her details were. There were things that she touched on that she couldn’t have known or figured out, based on anything I said. I felt very connected. She talked me through a few meditations to find the light inside of me. It was such an amazingly free feeling. It was mending my entire being.

I can’t say enough about what I took away from my time with Kari. I feel “cleansed”, “enlightened” and like I have a new perspective on myself and my life. I think there is something to be said about how incredibly intuitive people are and how their purpose in life is to help others see what is already there. Kari’s work is to help you discover your path to the destiny you were given. I am so excited to see what I can do with the new outlook I have on myself and my life. Kari, thank you for helping me find the encouragement and confidence I need to succeed.

Suzie Goldsher, Raw Food Health Coach

butterfly-homeMy session with Kari exceeded my expectations. I’d been conscious of certain blockages yet sure enough entirely new stuff came up. These were truly meaningful breakthroughs for me, like I’d never experienced before. I’ve tried numerous different natural healing modalities over the years. Yet, the work I’ve begun to do with Kari feels the most profound. She is by far one of the best healers I’ve ever worked with! For me, root cause is being addressed, thereby helping me create significant change–positively impacting the rest of my life. Thank you, Kari!

Robyn Sanders, Intuitive Guide and Energy Healing Facilitator

butterfly-homeKari is an amazing teacher! Her classes and courses have really transformed myself and my life. I have always “known” there was something in the psychic realm deep within my soul, but growing up I never quite knew what it was. A few years ago, there was a calling that came forward and I began to explore more on this path. I was opening up to my intuition and Kari literally came into my life at the perfect time – “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I truly believe she was there right when I needed her for exactly what I needed. She exudes such genuine joy. It’s clear upon meeting her that teaching others how to access their own inner knowingness is not only her passion, but also her mission in this life. I felt instantly comfortable with her, especially knowing that we share a similar philosophy of helping people to empower themselves. My personal and professional life have both been positively impacted as a result of knowing Kari and taking her courses. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does and am excited to continue working with her as a spiritual teacher. I would strongly recommend Kari to anyone who is seeking a true soul of the light who is here to make a positive difference in people’s lives through her kindness, skill and perfect combination of both!

Cynthia Fisher, Stylist and Image Consultant

butterfly-homeKari the “real deal”! She is someone who put this worrisome girl at ease. I was very nervous to hear what she had to say but Kari is so positive, happy, and kind my apprehension eventually melted away. She isn’t scary – she is talented! She hits on things you knew deep down inside but never could really put into words. I originally visited her for career advice but ended up doing a healing session with her and let me tell you – I felt so much happier, relieved, and “lighter” than I ever thought I would from something that took less than an hour. Kari WANTS you to be happy. She doesn’t sit with a big crystal ball to tell you scary things about what will or will not happen – she invites you to realize your dreams and helps you focus your energy on the things in your life that will get you where you want to be. She tells you what you need to know. I have never met someone who radiates so much positive energy and that in and of itself is reason to see her. Thank you Kari so much for what you do!!!

Parker Cadell, San Diego, CA

butterfly-homeKari Samuels has helped me one thousand fold! Kari is such a talented and gifted intuitive counselor! From just my first session, my thoughts, my actions, and peoples influence in my life all changed. It was like she cleared all the negative debris from my psych and energy field and opened the floodgates of positivity! Kari has helped me in so many ways that I cannot wait for my next session! By far, the best counselor I have ever worked with!

Jennifer O’Neill, Pittsburgh PA

butterfly-homeI have had a few readings with Kari. She is AMAZING! She has the wonderful ability to guide you right to the heart of the matter. Talking with Kari is like catching up with an old friend. She is warm, caring and nurturing. She also tells it like it is and guides you to find your truth, in whatever matters you need guidance with. If you are searching for the next step, wanting confirmation about your current path, seeking some insight on ‘what’s next’…or just an informative and fun intuitive reading – Kari is awesome!

Kyoko Tanaka, Aura-Soma® Practitioner and Color Intuitive

butterfly-homeKari is a master intuitive counselor. She always amazes me with her intuitive gifts and wealth of knowledge. She combines her warm and charming personality with her spiritual talents to make her an exceptional intuitive happiness coach! You will feel her happy vibration instantly, and then she goes deeper and takes you to a space where you need to go and brings out messages that you need to receive.

Her answers to my questions were precise and extremely helpful. Not only did I learn so much about my numerology, most importantly, I felt that I found one missing piece of my life that I had been looking for a while. It was almost as if she just handed it to me!

To supplement her sessions, she has her own audio guided meditations. Clearly, this is one of her other talents, her magical voice that takes you into a world of a calm and bliss that we all need to start our day. Thank you Kari! I highly recommend her to anybody who wants to know not only numerology but also go deeper into your life’s journey and find true happiness.

Lynle Ellis, Interior Designer

butterfly-homeEvery session with Kari is a revelation for me. She always is guided to give me exactly what I need. Each time I leave one of her sessions I have a huge leap in my personal growth. She has an uncanny knack for focusing in on exactly the life lesson that I need at that moment for creating my maximum growth in joy and happiness. I always email her within the next week to exclaim with joy all of the amazing ways her session has assimilated into my life. Kari is a true treasure and definitely tapped into our spirit guides. I urge everyone to have a session with her and then enjoy the healing that settles into your soul.

Shawna McGrath, Yoga Instructor and Coach

butterfly-homeI’ve had two readings with Kari and they were amazing! The first was over the phone and I was amazed that she was able to pick up on so many things about my personality and my struggles in life. To say my first session was transformational is an understatement. Kari helped me understand more about my soul’s purpose, why I was in some tough situations and what shifts I could make to move more gracefully through my challenges. My session with her totally shifted my perspective on my career. She was super supportive and didn’t tell me what to do but made suggestions on how I could feel more empowered and joyful in my life. Her positive energy is such a pleasure to be around. Also, I love her intuition classes! Each one is so much fun and I always learn something new about myself. I highly recommend Kari to anyone seeking to learn more about their path on this earth.

Adele Barsh, Astrological Consultant

butterfly-homeI learn so much from Kari’s classes! They’ve been both profound and fun, but the best part has been developing understanding and recognition of my intuitive strengths. Her classes gave me hands-on practice in a supportive environment, which has been key in discovering my strengths, and bringing them more fluently into daily life in ways that I can help others.

Ashley Scorvonski, Intuitive Reader

butterfly-homeKari, I wanted to take the time and let you know how much your classes have meant to me. I have learned so much from you and am so excited to have tools to help me feel balanced in my life. I have been searching for that for over 6 years and finally feel that my prayers have been answered…. I’ve learned more about myself this past year than all 28 years of my life. For once I feel grounded, loved, and am trusting my worries to God’s universe. After meditating with you for the first time I felt complete and total peace. It was like floating on air with the angels by my side! THANK YOU KARI!

Sabrina Bolin, Mind Body Soul Coach


Kari Samuels has IT…that intangible combination of energy, skills, and absolute flow with her gifts that makes you feel safe and secure in her presence.

During our session, she effortlessly managed the conversation between my guides, her guides, and me, as she shared such profound revelations around my life and life purpose. I found myself saying “yep, yes, that’s right” more often than I can count, as her intuition about every single topic was spot on.

Most importantly, I came out of the session feeling LIGHTER than I had in months, and I knew exactly where to focus my energy moving forward (or in my case, where I could consciously release energy!).

Thank you Kari for the beautiful work that you do…you truly are a life-changer.

Maria Lopez, San Diego CA

butterfly-homeFrom the moment I met Kari, I knew it was the right person to talk to. I felt I immediate positive energy from here and I knew she was going to help me. I have been seeing Kari for more than 6 months and I have learned that to continue seeing her after the first session was the right decision to take. One of the most important things I have learned from Kari is the importance of having mentors in your life, people that are genuine and that really care about you and your well-being without expecting anything. Kari more than an amazing intuitive counselor, she has been my teacher. She has only to be grow not only personally, but also mentally and physically. In addition, she has given the confidence to trust in my abilities and to express my emotions. My journey will Kari has been an amazing and I hope to continue cherishing a personal relationship with her as my mentor and guide. Thank you Kari for everything you do!

Bettina Charlton, Intuitive Space Designer

butterfly-homeWhen I had my first reading with you, I just knew you were special and boy, was I right. You have such a beautiful spirit and it shines through in every word you speak. My reading was amazing; absolutely right on and it provided me with such exquisite information and detail, which gave me such confidence about my future. I almost couldn’t sleep that night because of all you said I was and could be, but at the same time so excited about my life and so eager to start following my dreams and visions. Thank you for giving me the courage, support and love to follow my own intuition and be the best I can be. Thank you Kari you are an angel with feet.

Michele Blair, Chautauqua NY

butterfly-homeI met Kari some years ago when I took her classes on intuitive development. These were the highlight not only of my week but my life! Meeting this beautiful spirit has been life transforming. I had several readings from her when I was going through a very energetically heavy time and she literally saved my life. No sugar coating from Kari! Like the wise bodhisattva, she inspires and guides with great love, discipline and patience. She helps you to remember the way of the Divine in Anything you are questioning or struggling with!

Johanna Sturlini, Spiritual Medium

butterfly-homeKari, I learned so much from you not only from the classes but the reading I had with you and I am truly grateful to the Universe for putting me on the right path to grow and see the directions I need to go in to “change” some old habits.

I received a tremendous amount of guidance out of your classes. You are have to believe me when I say this…….You are a superb teacher!!I have had a lot of teachers and you create such a loving, interesting, joyful learning environment….. You obviously want to impart to others how they can uplift their own everyday lives and make them almost magical. I have been exposed to many teachers this year and I think you are one of the best, most encouraging teacher I have encountered. You know how much your students’ lives can change if they learn what you are teaching them and also put it into effect, and you want them to… and it shows!!! We all leave your classes with a glow of love and the understanding of the amazingness of our potential!

Lisa Henbest, Health Coach

butterfly-homeThank you Kari for all you do to bring light, love, and clarity to the world. Your Intuition classes gave me closure and an awareness I had not had prior. I was able to understand that I am an empath, which gave me incredible clarity in regards to all that I have been experiencing. You have a loving, calm,peaceful presence which allows me to feel comfortable, calm, and open. Thank you so much. You have given me more than I could have possibly thought possible and more than I can put into words. I look forward to learning more from you. Many Blessings and Much Gratitude!

Maria Boucher, San Diego CA

butterfly-homeKari is amazing, gifted and spot on. Through my individual readings and couples sessions with her, my husband and I have both found her to be very helpful and insightful. I would recommend her service to anyone needing guidance. If you are skeptical she will make you a believer.

Jennifer Castanada, Love and Relationship Coach

butterfly-homeThank you Kari for all of your insights! It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear but I know it’s what I needed to hear. So far I have followed the advice you gave me and have already seen great changes in me. I know this is only the beginning and I will enjoy every moment of the way. Thank for opening my eyes to my patterns, now I can use them as my strengths.

Roxanne Moore, Intuitive Counselor

butterfly-homeKari’s classes are absolutely outstanding. She is a gifted intuitive as well as a highly skilled teacher and mentor. Kari is well versed in several modalities that can assist in developing your intuitive abilities.She engages and empowers her students to develop their skills and move forward with their dreams and ultimate path to happiness.Any one who seeks out her assistance will find it an extremely healing and inspirational experience.

Rebecca Harmon, Licensed Acupuncturist and Energy Healer

butterfly-homeKari is amazing! I can’t even tell you how many readings I’ve had over the years, but there have been a lot of them. They usually tell me stuff that I wanted to hear that would probably happen in the near future. It made me excited at the time but in the long run most of the time these things that I wanted never did happen.

Kari’s reading was different because she received a lot of information from my guides on what I could do NOW to change my life in a positive way. She brought up some past events that I thought that I had resolved that told me that they were part of the reason behind why my life wasn’t going in the direction I wanted in that particular area. To me this was much more beneficial than hoping that the reason behind a particular issue was timing. There was something that I could work on and be proactive about. We did an energy healing and cleared the subconscious beliefs that were negatively effecting me in a way I wasn’t even aware of before. When she finished, I felt lighter and swear that I could breathe better and deeper!

In addition to addressing and working on the issues she brought up Kari also told me a very specific way that she wanted me to start healing people. (I am an acupuncturist). She told me to incorporate this right away. I did and it has changed my practice dramatically! I would not have known to do this if I hadn’t gotten her guidance! I feel so lucky to have gotten a reading and then a life-line session with Kari! She is an amazing intuitive and lovely person!

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