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Your Life Path number is akin to your Sun Sign in astrology.  It reveals life's purpose including your gifts, talents, inner drives, and abilities, as well as your challenges and how you process emotions. It can also help you discover why you have experienced some of your life's circumstances.

What are you meant to learn is often what is most challenging for you and is where you have the greatest potential. Each number vibration has a range of energies. We often start out experiencing the challenge of each vibration until we overcome those obstacles and manifest the higher vibration of the number. Here is how to discover your life path number and what it means.

Finding your Life Path number:

Step 1: Write down your Month, Day, and Year of birth numerically.

For example if your birthday is December 28, 1994 you write:
12 28 1994

Step 2: Reduce each the month, day, and year to a single digit.

For example for 12/28/1994:
Reduce the month
1+2  = 3

Reduce the Day:
2+8 = 10
Keep adding (reducing) until you get a single digit: 1+0 = 1

Reduce the Year:
1+9+9+4 = 23
Keep adding until you get a single digit: 2+3 = 5

Step 3 - Add each of the single digit numbers for the Month, Day and Year together and reduce that until you get a single digit.

For instance, using the example above:
Month=3, Day=1, Year= 5
3+1+5 = 9

If you were born on December 28, 1994 your life path is 9

Please note: If your final number for either the month, day, year or life path is 11 or 22, those are Master Numbers and you do NOT reduce them.

The easiest way your Life Path number is by using the numerology calculator below:


Your Numbers

Got it? Great! Now do this for all of your friends and family and discover what makes them tick! Below are the interpretations.

1 Life Path – Creativity and Confidence

You will be divinely inspired and have a great deal of physical energy, communication skills, and many talents. Since 1 is a number of firsts, you will strive to be number one and be competitive, even if it is only with yourself. You are willful, confident and assertive. You have extremely high standards and will strive to be the first at everything you do. You require variety and independence. You are an innovator and inventor who loves to find creative solutions. You're a born leader and innovator, so you make a great entrepreneur or manager - any career that allows you autonomy.

Challenge: You have so many ideas and inspirations, in such a unique way you might not know how to handle the energy or have the confidence to bring your ideas to fruition. You can over-think things. Because your are learning how to assert you will, sometimes you appear more confident than you actually are and come across as bossy and/or arrogant, or are afraid to come across that way so you suppress your power. Since you are learning how to BE an authority, you sometimes conflict with authority. Once you learn to have the confidence to be your creative, unique and inventive self, you can thrive.