November Energy Forecast – Positive Changes Ahead

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November Energy Forecast – Positive Changes Ahead

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your November forecast. And congratulations, you’ve made it all the way until November of 2020. I bet you never thought this was going to happen.

So here we are. I promise you this month will not disappoint. It is action packed. There is so much happening this month. It’s actually very pivotal. And a lot of the choices that you make now can affect you for months or years to come. You might get some clarity, a lot of clarity about your decisions, because a lot of revelations are going to happen this month.

There’s going to be a lot of energies culminating and coming to conclusion so that you can have some insights possibly with things that have been on your mind or underneath the surface for months or years or lifetimes, who knows. All right. So let’s begin at the beginning.


First of all, we are in Scorpio until the 22nd. And, you know, Scorpio has its intensities. Its element is fixed water. And as you know, still waters run deep. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is about transformation and anything beneath the surface. All are going deep into the depths of your psyche, your emotions, it’s all about transformation.

So there’s going to be a lot of emotional intensity and a lot of emotions brought to light and a lot of emotions being stirred to the surface. Now, again, this is all in the name of truth and transformation.

Now, Mercury has been retrograde. Mercury finally goes direct on the third. Now that date might sound familiar because it is election day here in the United States and Mercury stationing retrograde that day. So typically, when Mercury stations retrograde, that day can be the most chaotic. It’s kind of like you’re going full force on a locomotive and all of a sudden things just, and it’s like, everything’s very jarring.

So it’s very unlikely that we’re going to have results for our election on the third. The last time this transpired was the 2000 election and there’s just going to be some communication issues. Mercury rules communication, and that will get sorted out throughout the month.


So there will be anger and a lot of unrest, in general. We have a little help with that from Mars. Now, Mars is in Aries and Mars has been in Aries for an exceptionally long time. Mars has also been retrograde in Aries and Mars goes direct on the 13th.

Mars retrograde tends to have anger and emotions simmer beneath the surface. Now Mars is in his home in the sign of Aries. So it’s extra aggressive and extra impulsive and extra action oriented. Mars is going to be going direct. It’s going to be like full speed ahead, which can be really good because there’s this sense of being held back.

There’s the sense of having like nothing, not that sense of not being able to move forward. So we’re finally going to have the sense of moving forward again. So Mercury and Mars, all moving forward, they’re both fast. They’re both action-oriented. Again, Mars is in Aries which can be very impulsive and very aggressive.

Positive Changes Ahead

So we have this. Remember this is all during Scorpio when there’s some kind of emotional intensity. There’s the sense of all this kind of pent up anger, pent up aggression in your personal life, as well as the world. That’s going to have this outlet in this moving forward.

All of a sudden, now this could be really great because you can have a lot of energy and you can really start moving forward, but you will see other people and possibly yourself have a sense of needing to let off the steam that has been building up and people can then get angry and aggressive.

So I’ve said this before, you really want to stay away from road rage. And if someone is instigating or getting upset, you don’t want to engage in anger with angry people. You want to take your space and cool it, okay, that’s your job.

November Energy Forecast

Just know that this is going to be happening in the world, and you’ll see this with other people and yourself. So make sure you are tempering the energies that are coming forth and also processing the energies that are coming up.

Also the day before Mars goes direct, Jupiter is conjunct Pluto for the third and final time. This year now Jupiter conjunct Pluto has actually stirred a lot up as well. Pluto again, is that planet of transformation change all that’s beneath the surface. Pluto was the Lord of the underworld, right? So this is all about what’s beneath and all this truth and energy that’s buried beneath now.

Jupiter expands everything it touches. So Pluto is all about power power as well. There’s this sense of this expansion of power, this expansion of transformational energy. This means big changes. There’s a lot of transformation, big changes, and how we manage our personal power, the power of the world or whatever that, however that will transpire Pluto that Jupiter Pluto conjunction has also historically, basically been very activated during global pandemics because Pluto rules viruses and Jupiter expands that.

Positive Changes Ahead

We have seen the waves of this pandemic when we see these Jupiter Pluto conjunction. So we will probably see another wave peak this month. It happens on the 13th. The other one was in April. The previous one was in July. I know these planets which were retrograde are going to have a forward motion. So even though we’re going to see a peak in Corona virus, most likely, there’s also this sense of progress with it.

This is the final of these conjunctions. And so we’re probably going to see some progress being made with solutions about the virus or how we manage the virus. So that’s good news. Again, a lot of this is about resolution. I mean, it’s jarring, but it gets things moving. Things are moving. And I’m sure a lot of us have felt this year, that things were just not moving forward. Like this was a year full of retrogrades.

And with the end of this Mars and Mercury retrograde, it’s the last of our personal planets being in retrograde this year. And the retrogrades are always inward and reflective and they’re not outward energy. So we’ve definitely had a lot of like, wow, I have a lot of time to myself this year, right? So we have that energy moving forward again, where you can connect more with other people in this personal sense of feeling stifled or pulled back.

November Energy Forecast

It’s accurate. You’re going to feel a lot of forward momentum with that. So that is really good news. Again, it can be jarring, but it’s also momentum. Now after Mars moves forward the day after that we have the 12th, we have the super to Pluto conjunction, the 13th, we have Mars going direct. And then on the 14th, we have a new moon in Scorpio and this will help get you in touch with your deepest emotions, the deepest feelings that you have that will also help you have some clarity.

Another element that’s helping and with clarity revelations, the very end of the month on the 30th, we have an eclipse. It is a full moon eclipse in Gemini. Gemini is how we communicate. So all of this around communication, right? But it’s also our mind and how you think. So there’s this sense that as these things come up and you’re recognizing how you really feel about things, because a lot of it has maybe been beneath the surface.

Positive Changes Ahead

You didn’t want to admit certain things. You knew a lot ways that we hide our intuition is we don’t want to believe what we know, right? Like sometimes in order to gain some intuitive clarity, you can ask yourself, what are you afraid of knowing? What are you afraid of sharing with other people? What are you, what are you? What’s the answer you’re afraid of? And when you clear that up, it actually helps you clarify your intuition because we tend to hide from the truth.

Because even though the truth will set, you free, it often initiates change. And there is change. There is a lot of change happening and next year there’s a lot of change. We go into a five universal year.

Now in this month, November of 2020, we are in a six universal month. Six is a number of balance and harmony and love and beauty.It’s actually a 15 universal month, which reduces to the number six. Now six is about love and harmony and beauty.

However, the 15 tends to bring up the shadow elements of the number six. So the six energy tends to bring up perfectionism, the need to please other people and also taking on responsibilities that aren’t yours. So some of the revelations that will happen this month are around how you are throwing your life off balance because you take on other people’s energies.

You take on other people’s responsibilities. You try to please people rather than taking care of your own desires and your own needs. So this is a month to bring balance back into your life.

Three Action Steps

Now I have three steps that are going to help you do that. So the first step is to bask in the beauty around you. Boy, is this a high octane energy?

There’s a lot of nervous energy. No, this is an 11 month. It’s the 11th month of our year. And 11 is very illuminating, but it also can bring a lot of nervous tension because you have so many downloads, divine downloads. You don’t know what to do with it, right? So if you bask in the beauty around you and focus on what is beautiful. Focus on what’s delightful in yourself, in your life and the world as your bask in that, and take time with that.

First of all, it reminds you that everything is okay. Everything is in divine and perfect order. It allows you to slow down and be in your body, and enjoy life’s beauty and sensual pleasures. And if you’re so worried about everything, you can’t do that. So remind yourself, just stop and take a look around, but what’s beautiful. See the beauty in yourself and others, and that’s going to be calming for your nervous system. And it’s also going to help you cultivate.

Second Action Step

Now, your second action step is to let go of all the ‘should’s’ in your life. There’s a lot of ways where you might be living to please other people or have an idea about what a happy, sweet kind spiritual person should do. I should be doing this. I should be doing more for other people or I should do that for this person. Maybe not.

Maybe you want to let go of the guilt that’s causing you. You don’t make certain decisions because you really want to take back your power, because this is all about finding the balance in your life and really taking back some of your energy that you’ve been leaking into the world based on what you think you should be doing or who you think you should be pleased. So every time you’re making a decision, you want to ask yourself, am I doing this? Because I think I should be doing it. Am I doing this out of guilt?

Am I doing this? Because I just want to make this other person happy or is this really true to me be aware of that. You’d be surprised how many times you are shoulding all over yourself. Okay?

Third Action Step

Now your third action step is to make your choices from your heart. Not your mind. You’re going to have a lot of choices, a lot of choices this month, pivotal choices, life changing choices.

And you want to make sure that you are listening to your heart because that is where you have your intuitive guidance. Sure. Get your information. This is a definitely about gathering information, but this is definitely energy. That’s bringing you closer to your feelings, which are guiding you. Your heart is going to tell you what your next step is. Your mind can think of the logical choice, which is probably something you’ve fallen back on over and over and over again.

And when you have this 15 energy, it very much is about choices related to whether you’ve been choosing what you think you should be doing. What you’ve taught was right for you, or really what’s true for you. What’s best for you. So as you’re making your decisions, forget about other people, just for those moments and just really ask yourself, what’s good for you.

Six Steps To Awaken Your Sixth Sense

Now, if you need assistance with this, I have an absolutely free intuition course, six steps to awaken your sixth sense. And that’s going to help you get into your body, ground, your energy, listen to your body’s wisdom, connect with your higher self connect with your spirit guides and angels. It is an amazing course. It is absolutely free. And you can download that using the link below. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, share it with your friends.

I’m sure they will appreciate you for it and make sure you subscribe to this channel so that you get alert every time I give a forecast. I’m going to be giving a lot more forecasts about events, not just monthly, but there’s a lot going on. So as things come up, I’m going to be keeping you posted and also ways to manage your energy and your intuition. So make sure you’re subscribed. And I am wishing you an absolutely joyful, joyous, beautiful November and beyond lots of love. Bye for now.

November Energy Forecast – Positive Changes Ahead

November astrology and numerology reveal some BIG CHANGES ahead. There’s a culmination of energy that will bring clarity for you to move forward. Election Day 2020 has some intense astrology.

On November 3, 2020, Mercury is going direct! Our trickster planet might bring some mayhem on that day. Yet, clarity will eventually ensue.

Mars, our warrior planet will also move forward. His retrograde since September has caused some simmering emotions. With Mars moving full speed ahead you can have some momentum with your plans. Yet, all that anger that’s been brewing beneath the surface might bubble up with some conflict.

We’re also blessed with a potent eclipse that will usher in some major revelations.

It’s sure to be an action-packed month.

In this forecast, I share with you how to steer clear of conflict and make positive changes for the better.

Enjoy the energy!

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16 thoughts on “November Energy Forecast – Positive Changes Ahead

  1. So great Kari! Each time I hear you, you get clearer and clearer and I can feel the flow. Thank you so much for your diligent service and joy. It’s so appreciated x

  2. Kari…you are an amazingly bright light. I am grateful that you share your wisdom and intuitive knowledge so freely and graciously….thank you so much!!

  3. Thank You for this forecast. It was full of great information but also grounded and felt uplifting at the san\me time.

  4. Thank you So much Kari.!!! You are an absolute angel among us and you have saved me in ways that I never thought could or would ever happen. You connected me with the Divine and helped me remove the blocks in my life. I just can’t Thank you for all that you Do and have done. And all you continue doing you truly are a Beautiful Soul ❤

  5. Thank you very much Kari.
    I really feel that Novembre is going lifechanging for me. Possible moving house, beginning of my life project as entrepreneur, engaging in a Citizen and Political Movement in France : “LES JOURS HEUREUX”… So I will really beginning to enter in communication with the Archangels this month and not later.
    Be well and all the members of your community. Thank you again from France (I will follow the US elections with very great hope tomorrow).

  6. I have lists of questions, working on sorting all the energy in side of me, your monthly.,predicting help me in so many ways thank yo

  7. I like the crispness, the clarity of your site upgrades.👏🤗👍🏼 Like a walk through the forest after a spring shower. Fresh!
    Your intuitive narrative for November, is ‘on point’. It’s not esoteric pie in the sky, but is pie on the plate. Now all we each need to add is a topping of sanity, personal and social.
    Our nutzy world needs mediators and facilitators who speak for the need of balance, keep up the efforts.

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