Kari Samuels

Soulful Romance: Attract the Love You Desire

Soulful Romance: Attract the Love You Desire

Find love inside of you to attract loving, nourishing, healthy relationships.

Release yourself from the emotional defenses that keep love from entering your life, so you can allow your soul mate to join you.Whether you’re already in a romantic relationship or seeking one, this class will help you open your heart and let love in.

In this uplifting and inspiring class, you will learn how to:

  • Clear your karmic cords of attachment to previous relationships
  • Release your defenses that keep love at a distance
  • Raise your vibration to love
  • Heal your subconscious programming that keeps you isolated and afraid
  • Attract love on a soul level

You will experience energy healing to release your limitations to receive love, and a guided meditation to attract your soul mate.

Recording of a live tele-class
95 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $37 $17

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