Kari Samuels

Soulful Sun Signs

Soulful Sun Signs

The stars aligned at your birth to create the right cosmic chemistry for you to succeed. Learn how your Sun Sign illuminates your path to happiness.

It’s no accident you were born at a particular place in space. It’s all divinely timed so you learn your spiritual lessons, and express the gifts your soul intended.

In this fun and inspiring class, you will learn:

  • Why your soul chose your sun sign at birth
  • How to use your sun sign as a blueprint for happiness
  • The shadow side of your sun sign, so you can shine light on your darker emotions
  • Your spiritual lessons and gifts that you must experience to feel fulfilled and happy
  • The myths and symbolism of your sign and how to activate your soul’s archetypes in your daily life
  • How to understand your relationships better by knowing what makes them tick

Recording of a live teleclasss
90 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $37 $14

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