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Soul Families: Your Eternal Connections

Soul Families: Your Eternal Connections

You are connected to a Soul Family with whom you’ve spent many lifetimes. They may not be the family you were born into on Earth.

You are also connected to a Soul Family, your spiritual group, with whom you’ve spent many lifetimes.

In this transformational course you will learn:

  • How your family is chosen by your soul
  • The opportunities your soul experiences from difficult family members
  • Soul lessons you can learn from family relationships
  • The different between your Soul Family and your genetic family
  • Why you might feel like you are different from other people (and don’t always fit in).
  • How your soul family of origin may be from somewhere other than Earth
  • How you can feel more at peace with your family, your body, and your life

Experience a powerful meditation to connect to heal your relationships and attract your Soul Family to you now.

Recording of a live teleclass
90 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $29 $12

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