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The Soul of Wealth: Clear Your Money Karma

The Soul of Wealth: Clear Your Money Karma
Imagine being burdened with poverty vows from several lifetimes ago?

Clear your money karma on a soul level so you can receive abundance in all areas of your life.

You can carry the same promises lifetime after lifetime, long after they have outgrown their usefulness. That’s what you are experiencing when your previous religious and tribal vows are keeping you from thriving and prospering.

In this soul-level healing, you will clear your past life vows, oaths and burdens on a soul level, freeing you once and for all to shine brightly and receive the abundance you deserve.

In this powerful life changing course you will:

  • Discover how to create positive energy so you can attract more wealth with ease
  • Free yourself from the need to work too hard and receive too little
  • Heal your feelings of shame, guilt and stress around money
  • Learn how to receive more love, comfort and support
  • Release past life poverty vows that have been keeping you from prospering and thriving

You will experience a soul-level energy clearing to heal your of past life money karma so you can finally receive the wealth and abundance you deserve.

Recording of a live teleclass
80 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $37 $22

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