LIVE In Person DAY RETREAT with Kari!  

This event is held in North Count San Diego, California.
Space is very limited for this EXCLUSIVE day retreat.  Register now to save your spot!

During this retreat you will...

Expand your Sixth Sense

You are receiving intuitive information every moment of every day. Yet, you since you don't always have a safe forum to express your intuition, you aren't realizing how in tune you really are!

This is a chance for you to learn through practice and experience, so get ready to strengthen our psychic senses!

Connect with your Guides and Angels

Your team of light beings are always with you. They are communicating with you always. Yet, you might not always realize it.

During our day together, you will have the opportunity to receive and interpret messages from your divine team. You will learn how to connect with them every day for guidance and protection.

Do Readings for Yourself and Others

What would it be like if you always knew the next right step to make for yourself? You already have the answers within you. You just haven't been taught how to listen to your intuitive guidance.

You will learn how to easily and accurately access intuitive information for a wonderful life for yourself - and help others as well!

I hope you'll join us!

Price $111 per person
You will be given the Carlsbad private residence address after you register


Kari Samuels - Your Guides and Angel Mentor

I have been channeling angels and spirit guides for over 20 years, and have always been amazed by how much love and support is available to us. When I began calling in the Archangels for this program, my awe for the divine was taken to new heights. In all my years of connecting with the spiritual realm, I knew this was my most profound offering yet. Once I began to share these healings with the world, I’ve been humbled and in awe witnessing the spiritual transformation of the thousands of people around the globe whose lives have been enriched by the angels. It’s a divine delight sharing the angels’ love with you.

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