Kari Samuels

October 2017 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – Love, Beauty, & Balance

Awesome October is here!

Such a sweet energy is bestowed on us this month. The themes are Love, Beauty & Balance. After the whirlwind go-go-go energy of September, now is your time to restore your body and mind, as you focus on relationships.

A sweet celestial kiss

We’re celebrating the Harvest Moon on October 5th. This is a day to celebrate your spiritual harvest, and all that you have created this year so far.

It’s a blessed and bountiful day. During the light of the Full Moon, the lovers of the zodiac – Mars and Libra, will be meeting in the same sign degree for the first time this year. Our Moon will be in Mars-ruled Aries, while our Sun will be in Venus-ruled Libra at that time. It’s a truly bodacious blending of masculine and feminine energies. 

Are you ready for love?

The heavens are truly smiling upon you now. Your heart is being open to new depths. With our Sun in the relationship signs of Libra and Scorpio all month long, and our Numerology in Master Number 11 – you’ll be discovering the many ways you can give and receive more love.

In this astrology & numerology forecast, I share with you the many ways you can maintain balance and harmony in your relationships and life, so you can have a truly beautiful rest of your year.

Enjoy and share the love!

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