Below is a collection of archived radio shows with accompanying media links that are both entertaining and enlightening!

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Hay House Radio – The Heart of the Matter

What a blast! Join me with Hay House best-selling author, Dr. Darren Weissman, as we talk about how to create a life and career you love. We explore a variety of topics including past lives, spiritual healing, and how to liberate yourself from subconscious patterns. Dr. Weissman and I participate in tag-team readings and healings for several callers. It was truly amazing how quickly the callers could experience profound transformation and relief. It was truly a remarkable show!

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Spiritual Talk Radio

Psychic Medium Michael Beaver and I talk about karma, soul contracts, pre-birth agreements, what happens before we’re born, and why bad things happen to good people. We even talk about the Pope! Pretty deep stuff! We also discuss numerology and your life purpose. And of course, I give free readings to listeners. Tune in for an hour of spiritual insight.

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Consciousness Shift Radio

Spiritual laws can be used to manifest happiness and attract positive people and circumstances. In this show I discuss how to harness these Universal tools to fulfill your life purpose. We discuss the Akashic records, why you have karmic lessons rather than karmic debt, and how to be how to be of service to humanity without giving too much of yourself. If you want to utilize your gifts in the healthiest way for you this show will illuminate how.

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The Carole Matthews Show – Messengerfiles

Carile Matthews is also a psychic and a numerologist. It’s always fun to do tag-team readings with other people. We had a wonderful time discussing matters of the soul, why you feel weird during eclipses, and how you can stay sane in times of change. We also discussed how to handle life when it throws you a curve-ball.

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News for the Soul Radio – Freedom through change

Freedom is the theme of the year, and on this show I explain why you might be feeling so uneasy, and what great things are in store for you. Change is liberating. In this call I discuss how to move through your fears with grace and ease, while being true to yourself without compromise. Of course I answer questions for callers on the air.

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News for the Soul Radio – Angel Numbers!

Mercury retrograde can be a friend rather than a nuisance. In this show we discuss how to make the best use of this energy, how to cultivate joy rather than frustration, and how to use numerology to make the best use of your time. The Universe communicates to you through numbers, and I share with you how to interpret number messages that you see. For instance if you see 111, 555, 888, or any of these number sequences that follow you around are messages from the Universe. Tune in to find out what these mean.

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News for the Soul Radio – Living your life purpose with joy

If you want to know how to live your life purpose, if you know you are meant to have and be more in your life, this show is for you! We discuss how to live your purpose with joy, rather than stress, how to create heart-based positive intentions, and how to use the law of attraction according to your soul’s intention. Of course, I also take lots of live calls on the air.

News for the Soul Radio

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News for the Soul Radio – Listening to your intuition

This was one of the best shows ever! Nicole Whitney, the producer of News for the Soul Radio, and I covered a lot of ground. We discussed everything from why most people are scared about their intuition and what they can do about it, to how you can’t avoid your purpose no matter how much you run from it. I gave some live readings on air to callers. Enjoy!

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Relationship Numerology and More!

Numerology is an amazing tool to find your soul mate, and to know how to understand them once you do! Opposites attract, so you want to find a partner that balances you, yet sometimes that can make you feel imbalanced! In this show, I discuss with Kala how to find your life path number, your partner’s number, and how they best relate in love and life. You can use this tool for any relationship including children, coworkers, friends and family!

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Create Change Now! With Cari Murphy

This was one of my all time favorite shows by far! Cari Murphy is one of the most inspiring and uplifting radio show hosts I have ever experienced. We had so much fun on this show and covered just about every topic including numerology, relationships, 2012 transformations, life purpose, and even how you got your name!

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Numerology and Beyond

Kala Ambrose is an amazing host and fantastic psychic and metaphysician in her own right. It was a joy to be on her show where she has interviewed numerous luminaries. (Check out her show archives!) On this show, we discuss many aspects of numerology, and then some.

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Karma – It’s All Good!

As spiritually minded people we often think that by doing good deeds we are cultivating “good karma”, and when bad things happen we are either creating negative karma, or paying back “bad karma” from a previous life. In this show, I join Jaikur LeBlanc on “Women’s Grace, Grit and Gratitude” as we discuss why seemingly bad things happen to good people, why being nice isn’t always good, and how compassion is the ultimate truth.

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Live Readings on the Air!

Returning as a guest on the Gary Mantz radio show “Mastery and Mystery” on KKNW in Seattle, Kari shares her insights about how metaphysics and creativity are related; everything is energy! It was a fast-paced fun show, with live readings for several callers.

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Numerology 101 – Everything from 123 to A-Z!

If you ever wondered why you see certain numbers on the clock all the time, or if a certain house address would be beneficial for you, or even when is the best time to find a partner, this show answers your questions! With The Spirit Connection Radio show host and psychic medium Lea M. Hill, we discuss how you can use numbers as an oracle, what your life path number reveals, how numerology can help you have happier relationships, and what life cycles are best for business and creativity.

Discover Your Life Purpose with Numerology

Sue Lundquist in Seattle has created an extraordinary forum for growth and inspiration called the I’m Thankful Network. She is a joy and a gift to us all. On her show, we discuss life purpose in depth and how your destiny is revealed in your name. We also explore  numerology as a tool to discover your true gifts and the many spiritual lessons that stem from your challenges.  Free readings were given to several callers as well.

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Numerology as a Tool for Self Growth

Gary Mantz at KKNW in Seattle hosts a fun and lively show called Mastery and Mystery, where he covers a variety of metaphysical topics. Here we explore the numerology for 2010, the many uses for this valuable tool, and how you can use it to learn about yourself.

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My first radio show!

I woke up on New Year’s Day in 2010 and realized I wanted to be on the radio. I wrote an email to some wonderful colleagues who hosted a show and the rest is history! You can listen to it here with  hosts Rosie and Iggy Garcia on Withinsights Radio!