Kari Samuels

March 2015 astrology & numerology forecast

Marvelous March is here!

This month is full of magic and mysticism. Spiritually and emotionally, it’s the most POTENT month of the year. There’s an other-worldly quality to March 2015. In numerology, it is an 11 Universal Month (3 +2+0+1+5 = 11). 11 is a Master Number full of insights, intuition, inspiration and innovation.

Being a master number, 11 teaches you to master your life, stretching you in bold and magnificent ways. You’ll find yourself moving through fears, becoming more confident, and stretching yourself in unimaginable ways.

11 also teaches you to be inter-dependent instead of co-dependent or too independent. When you practice the art of self-love, you can truly love and inspire others. That is the lesson of 11.

We have one of the most POWERFUL days of the entire year on March 20th – a new moon, SUPERMOON, solar eclipse – you won’t want to miss the opportunities this day offers.

In this forecast video, you’ll find out what you need to do to navigate the spiritual and emotional waters of this month so you can ride the waves of joy and success.

Enjoy and share the love!



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