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Manifesting with Mercury Retrograde

Manifesting with Mercury Retrograde

You can use the powerful planetary transit of the trickster planet to your advantage, with some simple steps.

In this insightful audio course, you’ll discover the activities you must avoid AND what you can do during this transit to harness the Universal energies for prosperity and productivity. Make the most of Mercury’s mischief and navigate its retrograde cycles with ease.

In this fun and easy audio course you’ll learn::

  • Soul lessons your Mercury Retrograde can teach you
  • Manifesting with Mercury retrograde through the signs
  • Timing for purchases, relationships, finances, travel, communication and creativity
  • Shadow and pre-shadow periods of the retrograde cycles
  • Mercury Retrograde dates and signs for 2016 – 2020

30 minute MP3

Purchase MP3 – $9.99 $3.99

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