Kari Samuels

Manifest Happiness

Manifest Happiness

Transform negative beliefs into positive energy with simple easy-to-use techniques you can use to manifest a fulfilling prosperous life.

You will experience a healing with your Spirit Guides to release the energy of your past, and a guided meditation to create a crystal clear vision for your future.

In this fun and inspiring course you will learn:

  • Release limiting subconscious programming so you can free yourself of fears and self-sabotage
  • Transform negative beliefs into positive energy
  • Expand your aura to magnetize greater opportunities
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides for healing and direction
  • Create a vision for your future based on your life’s purpose
  • Make soulful intentions that are in alignment with your heart’s desires

Includes two powerful meditations to connect with your Higher Self and create a prosperous happy future.

Recording of a live teleclass
80 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $29 $12

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