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Intuition for Empaths with Alexis Saloutos

Intuition for Empaths with Alexis Saloutos

Do you want to learn the language of your intuition?

Your body is picking up intuitive information every moment.

You can learn how to interpret this intuitive information through your chakras.

Being connected with your intuition HEALS.

It heals your relationship to your body, food, people, our environment, the world…

If you’ve spent a lifetime seeking answers outside of yourself and you know this is NOT the answer, remember this…

You have all the answers inside of you. 

Your intuition is WAY more tangible than you think.

So, how do you access that voice?

How do you connect with that knowing?

You CAN learn the language of your intuition.

In this interview with Alexis Saloutos, you’ll learn how your body and chakras are your sources of intuitive wisdom.

You’ll also discover the many ways your body communicates with you, and why it’s so important to stay grounded in your body.

We share with you how to stay grounded and easily tune into your intuition every day.

LEARN INTUITION for empaths with Alexis’ 40 Day Intuition Builder

In 40 days, you will:

  • Establish context for intuition impressions
  • Connect with sensations associated with each of the 7 chakras
  • Develop vocabulary to articulate what you sense
  • 40 days of course material, teachings delivered daily to your inbox
  • Connect with an online community to guide and support you
  • Experience Group challenges to motivate
  • Receive Amazing prizes!!

FREE QUIZ – What type of intuitive are you?

Discover your primary intuitive chakra to understand your energy blueprint and how you interpret intuitive information.

This is a super fun and fast way to learn how intuitive you really are!  Learn more about intuition for empaths!


About Alexis:

Intuition for EmpathsChakredy® Founder,  Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN, holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University.

Alexis specializes in helping intuitives make sense of the impressions, sensations and subtleties they’ve been experiencing all of their lives. She is known for her ability to communicate energetic concepts visually and practically.

Her 40 Day Intuition Program is tangible, practical and magical.  Grounded in the physical body, it is also undeniably cosmic.



intuition for empaths
intuition for empaths



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