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How to Stay Positive Around Negative People

How to Stay Positive Around Negative People

Learn how to maintain positive energy around challenging people so you can feel happy in any environment.

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If you feel depleted by your environment, it doesn’t need to be this way! You can find peace and serenity now! It’s much easier than you think. Once you know these simple tools to manage your energy, your will feel great no matter who’s around you.

In this empowering course you will learn how to:

  • Stay positive around challenging circumstances and people
  • Recognize if you are taking on energy and emotions from others
  • Feel connected and supported rather than isolated
  • Raise your vibration to love, rather than fear
  • Focus your energy toward intuition rather than drama

Learn simple, powerful healing techniques you can use every day to free yourself from negativity and feel radiant at all times.

Recording of a live tele-class
85 minutes

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