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Awaken Your Intuition with the Angels

Awaken Your Intuition with the Angels

Open your intuitive channels to receive divine guidance, healing and love from your angels.

As the Universal energies are accelerating, you are expanding. You know you are meant for greater things. You are now ready to fulfill your soul’s calling by authentically expressing your unique gifts.

As you open your intuitive channels to their guidance, and attune to the cycles of the Universe, you’re in the flow of unlimited opportunities. The entire cosmos will make your dreams come true.

In this fun and informative course, you will discover:

  • Raise your vibration so you can be a clear channel for divine guidance and love
  • Empower yourself to make intuitive decisions in all areas of your life
  • Protect yourself from negative influences so you can maintain your well-being
  • Connect with the powerful energies of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Rapheal, Uriel, Haniel and Metatron for healing, guidance and protection

You will also experience a powerful guided meditation to transmute your fears of isolation, abandonment and rejection so you can shine as a unique soul.

Recording of a live teleclass
95 minutes MP3

Purchase MP3 – $44 $22

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