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Akashic Records: Your Eternal Soul Story

Akashic Records: Your Eternal Soul Story

You can access your soul’s “Book of Life” to heal your past, clarify your present, and create an amazing future.

Discover your soul’s story and tap into the infinite power of Source energy. This inspiring course is co-taught with Soul Connections expert Alicia Isaacs Howes.

In this in-depth inspiring course you will learn how to:

  • Explore the Akashic Records to understand the impact of other lifetimes in your present and future
  • Create a more positive future
  • Heal your life on a soul level
  • Receive help from divine spiritual teachers for any circumstance
  • Learn how to tap into the wisdom of the Akashic Records naturally and easily
  • Connect with your Akashic guides and record keepers

Experience a guided meditation to open your own BOOK OF HEALING to heal your past and create your future with the assistance of your Akashic Record guides.

Recording of a live teleclass
80 minutes

Purchase MP3 – $29 $14

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