2019 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – Joy and Renewal!

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Joy & Renewal in 2019

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor and happiness coach with your 2019 forecast 2019 you did it. What an exciting year this is going to be! In all of my years of looking at astrology and numerology forecast, I have never been as excited as I am about this year coming up. The energy totally blew my mind and it’s such an incredible year of renewal and reinvention and joy and you can really use that energy, can’t you? So we begin this year, it’s like the most incredible beginning of the year.

2019 Astrology & Numerology Forecast

We begin with a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn. This is like the universe’s way of giving us fireworks at the top of the year. New moon solar eclipses are like a total reboot, a total reset, and they often initiate long and lasting changes, fateful connections, really just incredible initiations of change. And we begin the year like that and we end the year with a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn.

So Capricorn is also how you show up in the world. It’s the highest point in our astrology chart. So having this initiation, having this reboot and this sign of how you present yourself, how you, how you have status and stature in the world, your career, it’s incredible way of the universe giving us this energy, this new energy of really having you show up in a completely different way.

There’s so much about our astrology and our numerology that points to this. The energy is all about that kind of reinvention and that is just the beginning. But what are the beginning? It is right? So all year long we’re going to have the influence of the number 19 since this is the 19th year of our century 2019 so if you look at the taro card, the 19th taro card, that is the son. So again, we begin with the solar eclipse and then we have this sun energy.

Joy & Renewal in 2019

Now the sun taro card comes after what’s called, all the nighttime cards are all the underworld cards are that dark night of the soul. Now, certainly you’ve been experiencing a lot of that dark night energy, that underworld energy where you’ve had to go with it and look within and do a lot of soul searching and like sold all kinds of stuff where you’re really understanding what it is you are and what it is that you’re not.

It’s been very emotional, not just last year, which of course was very intense, but the last few years. Then finally we get a break. It feels like it’s this, this energy of light after the darkness. And if you look at that card, it’s youthful, it’s joyful, it’s a healing energy. This card often represents healing when it shows up in our readings. So there’s this energy of renewal. Also if you look at that card, there’s a, there’s like a baby kind of energy on this young pony.

And there’s that sense of joyous, joyous enthusiasm. And of course, fun energy is how you shine and how you radiate in the world and your consciousness and how you think about things and how you present yourself. So there is this incredible energy of like presenting yourself in a whole new light, sharing yourself in a whole new light. And if you notice the baby in the cart is naked. So there’s that sense of youthful enthusiasm and unabashedly energy about presenting yourself and being who you are without embarrassment, without hiding yourself, without diminishing yourself in any way. It’s total joyous energy.

2019 Energy

So that is what we’re bringing to this year and that is what the universe is encouraging you to bring to the year. That energy of this is who I am. I’m being completely authentic. You know, you’ve had so many years where you’ve been learning about how you’ve kept yourself really small, how you’ve diminished your talents, how you please other people at your own expense, how you may be, have chosen, uh, in your career or your work to do things to um, just for cue security or, or playing by the rules in a way that is inappropriate for you.

This energy is coming along now. Everything in the universe is saying now is your time. Now is your time to express yourself as who you are. Now is the time to do that in your career, in your workplace, how you show up in the world, how you show up with your all of your relationships in a way that’s authentic in a way that’s completely true to you and heartfelt and authentic. Did I say authentic? So in a way that’s completely, and it’s a joyful energy as well.

So the numerology for 2019 the universal year number is three. This is a three universal year and three is also a number of joyful expression and being authentic and creativity. The three energy is always about heartfelt expression. It’s, it’s emotionally intelligent, it’s it’s emotionally sensitive vibration. So you might feel very emotionally sensitive but in a way that helps you express yourself and get in tune with how you feel and what you really want to express in the world.

Guidelines for 2019

And the more that you express that, the more that you’re authentic about that, the more that you do that, the more joyful you will be. Now three is also associated with the mouth and smiling and being joyful and using your words to uplift and inspire others. It can also be prone to some self doubt because it is so emotionally sensitive. So the more you’re using your words and speaking your truth, the more joyful you will be.

Now that said, I have three guidelines for you to manifest the most joyful energy of the year. These three guidelines all begin with the letter C because C is the third letter of our alphabet. And you can see by these words what some of that energy of the number three really is.

First Guideline

So the first guideline is creativity. The more you’re creative, the more you’re expressing something in a unique way, the more joyful you will feel. Three is the magic number. It’s the number of the Holy Trinity. It’s the number of of creation. Because with two people you can create a third being and that’s like a miracle your you. That’s how we are co-creators, because we help co-create that miracle of life. And so anything you’re doing, when you’re thinking something and you’re thinking thoughts with self love and non-judgment, you’re helping co-create more beauty in the world.

When you are finding creative solutions or you’re being artistic in any way or doing things in your own unique way, your co-creating something more beautiful that has never been there before. So again, creativity doesn’t always mean art. Although art is a really incredible, joyful way of expressing this energy. If you are creative or want to be in any way, it’s a beautiful thing for you to, to experience. There’s so many ways to be creative and simply being unique and simply being your own being and expressing that in the world.

Second Guideline

You’re co-creating your unique light in the world. So the second guideline is communication. The three energy really encourages you to share what you’ve been hiding inside of you. I know you’re sensitive and it’s hard to speak your truth sometimes or be direct with. The more direct you can be, the more you can share what’s been hidden inside of you.

The more easy this year is going to be for you as, as hard as it sounds to like be authentic and say things directly because of all, you know, self doubt. What are people gonna think of you? How is it going to affect other people if you do it? It really is the energy that this universe is encouraging you to do this year. So the more you practice being direct, the more you practice putting yourself out there with your words and your what’s inside of you and whatever you want to express, the more joyful this year will be for you.

Third Guideline

It’s a wonderful thing for you to build your confidence that way, which is also a C-word, right? No, the fourth, that guideline, excuse me, the third guideline of the year that’s going to help you navigate this incredible energy is collaboration. The three energies, very joyful. It’s very social and it’s all about connection to another C-word right? See all these words with CZ, how nothing is random in the universe, that every letter in our language, in your name, everything, nothing’s an accident. This is a synchronicity.

And this is what the synchronicity now is showing you is that you need to connect with other people and the more you collaborate with others and the more you feel that kind of emotional connection, you’re not doing things by yourself. It’s exponentially powerful when you share your creativity and your co-creating with others. Just like so much more powerful than if you’re yourself and you might have tended to isolate yourself previously because the energy has been intense and now’s the time to get out there and have fun and be social and network with other people and social and other ways.

It’s just a beautiful, beautiful energy. Now there’s so much more to this year. There’s so many nuances and of course there’s a shadow energy to this year because this is the life. There’s a shadow energy to everything. Many spiritual lessons and there’s also going to be some cosmic storms throughout the year where you want to lay low.

Have a Joyful 2019

You know, all of these aspects I cover very much in depth in my 2019 premium psychic forecast. It’s a two and a half hour event where we go month to month covering all the energy of the year, taro, astrology, numerology, the spiritual lessons and really the times when you want to lay low and the times when you want to act and it can really save you a lot of time, money, energy and just a whole lot of everything if you know when and how to navigate things month to month.

And we also cover your personal year and personal month. Numerology is how it relates to the universal cycle. So you really know how to navigate the this energy for yourself in a way that’s really personal for you. Again, we cover that all in my 2019 premium psychic forecast. You can get that information about it and learn more and register using the link below. So I am so excited about this year. I can hardly wait to see what we come up with. What experiences do you have and I’m so excited to hear about them and it’s going to be incredible. So I look forward to sharing the rest of this year with you. I wish you so much love and wishing you incredible, joyful, beautiful year ahead. Lots of love. Bye for now.

2019 is a year to celebrate!

After a year of intense soul searching, this is a year of JOY & RENEWAL!

The New Year brings new light and new life!

The spiritual lessons you learned will help you shine more brightly.

We had a year full of retrogrades and inner work. It seemed as if there were endless spiritual lessons. This thwarted many of your outer plans. Now you can finally put your plans to action.

In numerology, 2019 is a 3 Universal Year. 3 energy promotes creativity and heartfelt expression. It’s your time to share your truest most authentic self with the world more boldly than ever before.

In this forecast video, I share with you how to make 2019 your most joyful, prosperous, exuberant year yet.

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