is a year that will completely change everything!
Get ready to completely transform your life. After last year’s master number of intense spiritual lessons, you’ve realized there is so much more to your life than you’ve been experiencing.

2019 is a year of renewal and joy!
You can create your best year yet if you know how to navigate the energies!
  •  You’re ready for more love, financial abundance, spiritual and emotional fulfillment. 
  •  Yes, you’re ready to live your soul’s purpose!
  •  This is your year. Now is your time. 
 Instant Access to the Masterclass + 4 Bonuses 
2019 Premium Psychic Forecast Includes:
  •   2.5 Hour Webinar 
  •  4 Exclusive Bonuses

Channeled Messages

Channeled messages from Kari’s angels and guides with intuitive insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of 2109

Tarot, Numerology & Astrology Influences

Influences for the entire year, so you can plan important events and opportunities, and avoid potential challenges.

Personal Numerology

How to chart your PERSONAL yearly and monthly numerology so you can always be in harmony with your Universal cycles.

2019 Spiritual Lessons

Your unavoidable spiritual lessons for the year, and every month so you can propel your soul’s growth and fulfill your purpose.

Manifesting Mojo

How to manifest WITH the help of your Spirit Guides and Angels
2019 is the year of the SUN!
All year, we will be influenced by the frequency of the joyous number 19. In the Tarot, the 19th card is the SUN.

After the dark night of the soul, finally, the sun is shining in your life, and you can see and feel the LIGHT.

This is a time of total renewal, rebirth, and healing.

Yet with the light comes shadow.
You are reinventing your life. With this time of rapid growth and expansion comes a whole new set of spiritual lessons. There can be chaos and confusion, insecurities, and a brand new set of boundary issues.

In fact, this is made clear in the patterns of numbers and planets for 2019.

Any time you have a NEW opportunity, whether it’s relocating your home, changing your career, starting a relationship, or embracing a new way of being, there are also a new set of challenges.

This is a year of radical changes. 
You want to be prepared.
You do not need to walk this path alone.
The Universe has given you a celestial map - through astrology and numerology, to help you navigate your path forward into the unknown.

You can plan ahead for each set of spiritual lessons, opportunities and challenges, so you know the best time to embark on all your endeavors, and how to avoid colossal mistakes
It is essential that you have the spiritual tools you need to navigate this nuanced psychic and emotional terrain.

You have so much within you that is waiting to be shared with the world. This next year is crucial for you to take action on your divine plan so you can fulfill your soul's purpose.
Your celestial weather forecast helps you avoid cosmic storms and ride the waves of success
Could you imagine what life would be like if you never knew the weather outside?
 If you never knew if it was snowing, raining, or a day full of sunshine? You wouldn’t know how to plan your days. That’s what life is like without knowing the energetic weather
  •  You can experience every day being in harmony with the Universe and yourself. Imagine how easy your life will be when you know when it's time to act, rest, work, and play.
  •   If you are going against the energetic flow of the Universe, you can feel like you are constantly swimming upstream and nothing is working out in your favor. It doesn’t need to be this way! Instead of feeling like you're swimming upstream, you can harmonize with the Universal cycles to be blissfully in the flow of your life.
  •  You will have a month-by-month guide to the energetic weather so you can always be in divine timing and avoid disaster.
  •  You will learn the key tarot, astrology and numerology influences of the entire year, month-by-month so you can have success in all areas of your life.
In addition to the tarot, numerology, and astrology wisdom you’ll receive for 2019, Kari will reveal psychic insights from her Guides about the unique spiritual lessons of the year, and how to use them to propel your soul’s growth.

You can understand WHY things are happening, how to prepare for the spiritual challenges ahead, and what you can do to navigate them with ease. Integrating these spiritual lessons will help you access higher consciousness so you can manifest your unique life purpose.

We will begin this event with an invocation inviting your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist you in manifesting your soul’s intentions.
Your life can unfold with miracles with your Angels and Guides by your side.
 Instant Access to the Masterclass + 4 Bonuses 
Here's What You Will Receive:
  •  2 ½ hour webinar with Kari where you will learn the key astrology, numerology and tarot influences of the year and each month, plus  how to navigate the spiritual lessons.
  •  Unlimited access to the event recording
Plus, you’ll receive 4 Limited-Time Bonuses:
Bonus #1
2019 Celestial Guide 
60+ page Digital Download - PDF
This easy-peasy guide shows each month’s key astrology, tarot, and numerology influences at a glance. Are you in harmony with planetary energy or are you working against it? Use this easy-to-follow guide to find out the most important transits of the year (including planet retrogrades and moon cycles).

You’ll know well in advance WHEN the most important celestial events happen and how to make the most of each month’s energy, so you can sync-up with the cosmos and become a manifesting master.

Bonus #2
Personal Year Numerology Guide 
Digital Download - PDF
This handy guide will show you how to calculate and interpret your Personal Year number for 2019, and every year ahead, so you can plan for more success and less stress! Use this guide to give your friends and family personalized readings too! Plus, Kari will share channeled messages for each Personal Year Number as they relate to 2019’s unique lessons and opportunities that you can only find here.
Bonus #3
Personal Month Numerology Guide
Digital Download - PDF
Within your personal year cycles, there are shorter cycles that change with each calendar month in divine timing. Whether it’s time to act, rest, create, or intuit, when you can tap into these energies, you will always be in the flow of your life. This guide will help you make smart short-term decisions so you can avoid obstacles and create opportunities every day.

Bonus #4
Energy Clearing & Soul Infusion Audio MP3
Digital Download - MP3
Release 2018 with love and infuse 2019 with positive energy and joy! In this energy healing you will let to of stuck energy and negativity from last year so you can allow more ease, love and flow into your life. When you have more compassion in your heart for yourself and your life, you can attract amazing experiences!
This will assist you in creating your best year yet!

You'll receive intuitive insights about 2019 that you won't find anywhere else
 Instant Access to the Masterclass + 4 Bonuses 
About Kari Samuels
 Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach 
As a psychic, numerologist, and energy healer, in my 20+ years of doing readings, I've learned to trust the messages of the Universe.

That’s why I create this annual Premium Psychic Forecast.

The Universe guides us with a celestial blueprint of planets and numbers to navigate our lives. 

I've learned to interpret the messages of the Universe to guide thousands of others toward happiness and prosperity. It is my joy to share these messages with you!

Register Now to Receive:
  • 2 ½ hour webinar with Kari where you will learn the key astrology, numerology and tarot influences of the year and each month
  •  50+ page 2019 Celestial Guide for you to print and refer to throughout the year
  •  2019 Personal Year Numerology Guide with channeled messages from Kari for the year
  •  2019 Personal Month Numerology Guide for you to plan for every month with success
  •  Energy Clearing & Soul Infusion MP3 guided energy healing to release 2018 with love and infuse 2019 with positive energy and joy
  •  Recording of the live call for you to enjoy and keep forever
 Instant Access to the Masterclass + 4 Bonuses 

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