2018 is a year that will change everything...

2018 is a year of illumination and love!

2018 is an 11 Universal Year -
a Master Number of Intuition.

11 is a Master Number that requires you to master your life.

The sacred geometry of the number 11 is gateway - a portal into the unknown initiating the next phase of your soul's evolution. It is no accident that the words psychic, light, and Jesus add up to 11 in numerology. It is essential for you this year to tune into your Higher Purpose, and connect with your inner gifts.

During an 11 Master Number year, you will have more potent challenges and opportunities.

You do not need to walk this path alone.

As you align with the Divine, you can harmonize the creative power within you to shape the reality around you.  You have so much within you that is waiting to be shared with the world. This next year is crucial for you to tune into your divine plan so you can fulfill your soul's purpose.

It is essential that you have the spiritual tools you need to navigate this nuanced psychic and emotional terrain.

The Universe has given you a celestial map - through astrology and numerology, to help you navigate your path forward into the unknown.

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Shine your inner light in 2018!
2 1/2 hour action-packed online event + bonuses

Could you imagine what life would be like if you never knew the weather outside? If you never knew if it was snowing, raining, or a day full of sunshine? That’s what life is like without knowing the energetic weather.

You can experience every day being in harmony with the Universe and yourself. Imagine how easy your life will be when you know when it's time to act, rest, recreate and work.

You will have a month-by-month guide to the energetic weather so you can avoid disaster.

If you are going against the energetic flow of the Universe, you can feel like you are constantly swimming upstream and nothing is working out in your favor. It doesn’t need to be this way! The Universe has rhythms like the ocean.  Instead of feeling like you're swimming upstream, you can harmonize with the Universal cycles to be blissfully in the flow of your life.

You will learn the key astrology and numerology influences of the entire year, month-by-month so you can have success in all areas of your life.



Illuminate Your Path with Spirit

Understanding WHY things are happening when they do can help you relax into each moment with joy. In this event, you will learn the most important spiritual lessons that you MUST integrate this year. These lessons are universal and unavoidable. As you integrate this lessons into your life, you gain clarity and understanding that can benefit you, and the world. Integrating these spiritual lessons will help you access higher consciousness so you can manifest your unique life purpose.




Your Personal Numerology - Mapping Your Destiny

In addition to the larger Universal cycle, you have PERSONAL numerology transits that are influencing your daily life. When you understand how these forces affect you, you can harmonize your personal rhythms with the greater energy flows.We will explore the spiritual lessons unique to your Personal Year, so you can navigate your life’s circumstances with grace and understanding.


Manifest with Your Guides and Angels - Intention Ritual

You have a divine support team of spiritual helpers that are illuminating your path. They communicate with you through your intuition, and synchronicities in the external world. Manifesting without their help feels like you’re living without all your senses. When you bring them into your life, magic appears all around you. You will be guided at every step. On this call, you will connect with your celestial support team for guidance and insight.

Join me in this powerful collective ceremony.

You will receive divine guidance from your Angels and Guides during the event, and beyond. And learn techniques to communicate with them in your life every day.

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(2 1/2 hour audio + bonuses)

In this action packed 2 1/2 hour event, you will learn:

  • The absolute best timing for love, wealth & success
  • Month-by-month timing for manifesting and relationship harmony during the entire year
  • Channeled messages from my angels and guides with insights into the challenges and opportunities of the year
  • The Power Animal for the year, and how to benefit from its healing
  • How to chart your PERSONAL yearly and monthly numerology so you can be in harmony with your Universal cycles.
  • Your unavoidable spiritual lessons for the year, and every month
  • How to manifest WITH the help of your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Ways to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels for soulful intentions and direction
We will begin this event with an intention ritual inviting your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist you in manifesting your soul’s intentions. 

Your life can unfold with miracles with your Angels and Guides by your side.

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2018 Celestial Guide This easy-peasy guide shows each month’s key astrology and numerology influences at a glance. Are you in harmony with planetary energy? Or working against it? Use this easy-to-follow guide to find out the most important transits of the year (including planet retrogrades and moon cycles) and WHEN they happen so you can finally sync-up with the stars and become a manifesting master.

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Personal Year Numerology Guide

Looking for insights into the specific challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for you in 2018? This handy guide will show you how to calculate and interpret your Personal Year number for, and every year ahead, so you can plan for more success and less stress! Use this guide to give your friends and family personalized readings too!

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Personal Month Numerology Guide

Within your personal year cycles, there are shorter cycles that change with each calendar month in divine timing. Whether it’s time to act, rest, create, or intuit, when you can tap into these energies, you will always be in the flow of your life. This guide will help you make smart short-term decisions so you can avoid obstacles and create opportunities every day.

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New Year Manifesting and Intention Ritual

You will be guided through a series of beautiful meditations and energy healngs to release the energy of your past with forgiveness and love, set soulful intentions for the new year.  Your Guides and Angels will assist you in cultivating your spiritual garden so you can manifest your truest heart's desires and magnetize ALL GOOD THINGS to yourself. This will set the stage for a magnificent 2018 and beyond! Let the magic begin!

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Join the LIVE call PLUS lock in all the bonuses for only $77 $37
Total Value $330

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Awaken Your Intuition with the Angels

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Your Angels Are Here to Help You Live the Life Your Soul Intended

As an empath, you can get confused by other people's energy. It is the angels' divine assignment to lift your fears, protect you, and guide you. They shield you from negative influences, so you have the courage to express your unique voice.

The angels will free you to open up your intuitive channels, and protect yourself from negative energy so you can receive divine guidance from your angels and guides, and joyously express your gifts in the world.

This masterclass is for you if you want to:

  • Raise your vibration so you can be a clear channel for divine guidance and love
  • Empower yourself to make intuitive decisions in all areas of your life
  • Protect yourself from negative influences so you can maintain your well-being
  • Connect with the powerful energies of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Rapheal, Uriel, Haniel and Metatron for healing, guidance and protection
  • Transmute your fears of isolation, abandonment and rejection so you can shine as a unique soul

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