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Numerology for 2017 – The Power of One

Numerology for 2017 – The Power of One

This is a year of new beginnings

There were immensely high hopes for 2017 to be an easy breezy year. Because 2017 is a 1 Universal Year in numerology, (2+0+1+7 = 10, 1+0 = 1). this is a year of beginnings. 1 initiates a brand new nine year manifesting cycle.

However, nobody said it would be easy. If you’ve ever moved to a new city, started a new job, learned a new language or a new skill, you know that NEW can be challenging. As I detailed in my 2017 Premium Psychic Forecast, this year is filled with many spiritual lessons.

1 is a conduit between you and the divine

There’s always a quickening with the number 1.  If you look at the sacred geometry of the 1, it’s like an antenna between Spirit and Matter. You can receive inspired insights easily, and your thoughts can manifest more quickly. 1 is the number of alignment (just look at it).

So, if you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, if your intentions are focused toward what you are born to be and create, you’ll have a myriad of magical opportunities present themselves to you. Yet, if you have been denying your gifts, hiding from the world, and not being true to yourself or others – you will experience some challenges.

The Universe is helping you

The number 1 teaches you to put yourself first. So often as a sensitive soul, you can spend most of your time making other people happy, at your own expense. It’s easy to stay beneath the radar, avoiding conflict, and not expecting more for yourself.

If you want to know if there’s an area in your life that needs to be EXPANDED, where you deserve to have and be more, your circumstances will show you! The energy this year is making it very clear to you.

There’s only 1 of you in the world

You’re raising the bar now. This 1 year cycle is showing how your unique gifts are a value and asset to everyone. The brighter you shine your light and the more you believe in yourself, you are making this world a better place for us all. It’s time to come out of hiding. We need that special quality that only you can share.

We are all one

The biggest drama we see this year is a result of people who are forgetting this fundamental premise. We are all one. We are connected. When we view others as less than us, or with prejudice, it creates a rift in our collective consciousness. As we approach each other with love, we a truly learning to be masters of co-creation.

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Have a beautiful rest of the year!



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