Kari Samuels

February 2017 Energy Forecast – Passions on Fire!

Ooo-ie! Things are heating up in the heavens.

February is sure to be a month of fiery passions!

Right after we welcomed the Year of the Fire Rooster, whose bold message is a call for you to strut your stuff and shake your tail feathers, the skies are ablaze with Mars energy.

This is energizing you to have the courage to stand up for what you believe in and make your passions a priority.

To light your fire even more, we’re in eclipse season. Your emotions will be ablaze! Anything deeply buried in your unconscious will now be brought to the surface. Passions, fear, anger, love, all of it.

It’s a highly charged emotional and spiritual month, so you must learn how to manage this energy with grace. In this astrology and numerology forecast video, I share with you the FOUR STEPS you can take to cool the flames of anger and fuel your passions into pursuing your purpose.

Have a beautiful month!

open-your-heartOpen Your Heart to Love – Guided Meditation

Get ready for an infusion of love! When you open your heart to receive more love, you can deepen your relationships and experience profound healing in all areas of your life. In this FREE guided meditation, you will let go of emotional baggage, find forgiveness for yourself and others, and create more positive energy.




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