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When you sign up for B School through me you’re getting a complete spiritual education. Marie Forleo will teach you everything she knows about business,
and I will transform your life from the inside out.

"The channelled information Kari gave from my guides was inspiring and helped me to take action on moving forward. Her own guidance around running a business was invaluable, and has helped me to negotiate the ups and downs of being a Soulful Entrepreneur.

Mentoring with Kari has been an amazing experience that has helped me gain confidence and clarity about I need to do to move forward in my business. I have been running my business for 10 years, but now have more clarity than ever, on what I offer, who I offer it to and most importantly why I offer it. Kari's guidance was clear and delivered from a positive and heartfelt place which allowed me to take action with confidence. Thank you Kari for holding the space for me to learn, and for sharing your gifts in the way that you do!

Finoa Weatherhead -Intuitive Soul Coach

When you sign up for B School through Kari
you get access to these EXCLUSIVE bonuses!

Don’t wait another year to live your dreams.

Join my Inner Circle of Intuitive Coaching!

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B-School is a Total Game Changer!

B School completely revolutionized my life.

I'm living the dream. I work less, create more, and have the freedom to live on my terms. It’s been an amazing journey where I learned to share my message in a way that is completely authentic to me so I can reach more people doing what I love.

Because B School is such a full and comprehensive business program, I am offering you more personal tools to help you on your journey. These are the resources that benefited me the most toward catapulting me toward success. That’s why I’m offering them to you as my gift.

 ~Kari's Inner Circle ~

Intuitive Coaching Package

(Total Package Value = $1,999)

When you sign up for B School through me you’re getting a complete spiritual education. Marie Forleo will teach you everything she knows about business,
and I will transform your life from the inside out.

When you sign up for B School through Kari you get access to these EXCLUSIVE bonuses!

Bonus 1
Inner Circle: Group Intuitive Readings & Coaching

(Value $850) Personal Intuitive Guidance - Group Coaching calls

During the eight weeks you are in B School, you can participate in live bi-weekly group coaching calls, where you will have an opportunity to speak with me directly. I will communicate with your spirit guides to have your questions personally answered.  In these live interactive calls, we will address your strategies for spiritual, emotional and financial successI will help you gain clarity about your business, your mindset and your life, so you can live the life your soul intended.

Everyone on the group calls has an opportunity to speak with me directly. Plus, you benefit from the guidance I give to others. You will gain great clarity about your products and services. Most importantly, I will look into your emotional and spiritual blocks that are keeping you from thriving, and help you clear them. Your life will transform from the inside-out.

Don’t worry if you’re on the other part of the world. I can accommodate your time zone. In the weeks we are scheduled, there are at least 3 live calls. Plus, all the coaching sessions will be recorded for you.   

These sessions are designed to give you all the tools you need to implement the information you are receiving in B School. You can be successful in your business and life beyond what you thought was possible.

Bonus 2 - Intuitive Energy Healing

(Value $200) In addition to helping you with the practical aspects of your business, during the group coaching calls we will also address your emotional well-being. Change can be scary. As you grow past your comfort zone (and that’s what you want, isn’t it?) you might have to face some of the fears that have been holding you back.  These calls are designed to support you through anything that will come up for you.

During these calls, I will personally tune into your energy, while assisting you in clearing away your fears and subconscious blocks through energy healing. Group healing is extremely powerful.

You will take quantum leaps in your life and business.

 Bonus 3 - Soul Arts Academy (21 Audio Courses)

(Value $599) Upon completion of B School, you will have access to my library of 21 courses. As a spiritual person, you most likely have subconscious programming that is keeping you from moving forward. You might be experiencing one of more of the following:

  • Vows of poverty (from past lives)
  • Vows of martyrdom (from past lives)
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of persecution
  • Unhealthy boundaries
  • Perfectionism

My specialty is helping people heal on a soul level. You will have access to my complete library of 21 audio courses to help you change your energy, so you can change your life.

You’ll find courses on your soul purpose and soul contracts, the Akashic Recordsmanifesting love and moneyangelsastrology, and past lives.

These courses include soul-level energy healing that will profoundly change your life.

Each course is designed to help you clear away your blocks toward success, happiness, wealth, abundance, and love.

You will be amazed at how quickly your life will change once you heal on an energetic level.

Here are the courses you will receive:

Bonus 4 - Continued Mentoring & Support

Three Monthly Intuitive Group Coaching Calls - after B School

(Value $300) Since B School is only 8 weeks there will be a lot of insight for you to implement long after the program. (That’s one reason you have lifetime access!). It’s important for you to have ongoing support for your business as well as your emotional and spiritual needs.

When you sign up for B School through me, I am personally invested in your success. I want to see your dreams come true. It will bring me the greatest joy! That’s why I’m going to stick with you even after it’s over.

AFTER B SCHOOL IS OVER, you will have three additional monthly group intuitive coaching calls with me. This is a live monthly group call where I can answer questions about your business, we'll do energy clearings, and can also discover a different aspect of your soul’s purpose. This is truly a life-changing resource.

Don’t worry if you’re on the other part of the world. I can accommodate your time zone.  Plus, all the coaching sessions will be recorded for you. During the weeks we have group coaching, there are at least 3 live calls to accommodate your schedule, so you can attend live from anywhere in the world.

You will be amazed at how much your life can change – for good.

Bonus 5 - Private Facebook Community

(Value = Priceless) Community is the most important aspect of B School. This is where you find your colleaguesclients, and collaborators.

You will also make friends for life.

With several thousand members in B School, it’s important that you connect with the right people. In this small personal group, you will make deep lasting connections with like-minded souls to exchange ideas, provide emotional support, and promote each others’ work.

I will be there answering your questions, helping you through your challenges, and guiding you on your personal and professional journey. I will make sure you have the clarity you need to positively change your business and your life.

I want you to fearlessly move forward so you can share your gifts with the world while having the freedom and lifestyle you love.

You really can have it all.

"I have made some life long friends as a result of joining through Kari's group. In addition to the amazing community, Bschool asked so many questions so I could dig deep and really look at my passions and purpose. This was invaluable to me. Kari said it would change my life. That is the understatement of the decade. As a result, I built my new business, made new friends and had the courage to move of state. It has been nothing short of remarkable!"

Michelle Dewitt- Psychic Medium

Bonus 6 - Personalized numerology profile & forecast

Personal Numerology Destiny Report & 2 Year Forecast

(Value $50)
Divine timing. Your destiny revealed.

Your soul has a blueprint, a divine plan for your life. Your name and birth date create a unique vibration that can illuminate your life path, They reveal your deepest heart's desires, spiritual gifts, lessons, challenges and opportunities. Your BUSINESS has a soul blueprint as well. The launch date of your products and website carry a unique vibration that will either create obstacles for you, or catapult you toward success.

The ancient art of numerology is a time-tested tool to help you know your deepest drives and desires, and work in harmony with the Universe for success.

I know how beneficial this is for you. You can have an advantage that no other tool can give you.

You'll receive a detailed two year forecast for divine timing for launches, products, and every aspect of your life.

Plus a PERSONALIZED numerology report for your name and birth date so you can truly live the life you were born to live. Your numerology decodes your destiny. It is the blueprint of your soul's plan.

Bonus 7
2018 Premium Psychic Forecast & Celestial Guide

2018 Premium Psychic Forecast - Masterclass

(Value $77)
2018 is a year of illumination and love!

As you align with the Divine, you can harmonize the creative power within you to shape the reality around you. You have so much within you that is waiting to be shared with the world. This next year is crucial for you to tune into your divine plan so you can fulfill your soul's purpose.

It is essential that you have the spiritual tools you need to navigate this nuanced psychic and emotional terrain.

The Universe has given you a celestial map - through astrology and numerology, to help you navigate your path forward into the unknown.


  • 2 hour Masterclass Mp3 Audio
  • Celestial Guide for 2018
  • Personal Year Numerology Guide
  • Personal Month Numerology Guide
  • Bonus Manifesting & Intention Ritual MP3 Audio

Don’t wait another year to live your dreams.

Join my Inner Circle of Intuitive Coaching!

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"I got my first online program launched this year thanks to B School and Kari Samuels! Kari Samuels is a wonderful B School Coach. You will love having her as your guide - she’s encouraging and inspiring. She tunes into you always knows how to keep you in tune with your heart. I’m sure you’ll love having Kari as your mentor."

Beverly Hosford - Fitness Educator

"Signing up for B School turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. I enrolled because Kari has been an invaluable mentor whom I trust wholeheartedly. Unfilled in my six figure job, wanting to make a positive impact in the world, yet unclear how, I signed up for B School. Soon after, I wrote what would be the bones to a book and quit my job to pursue this next phase in my life. During this incredibly transformational, yet scary, year, it was comforting to have Kari's uplifting wisdom and resources available (that I still refer to), as well as the B School community to hold my hand and keep me moving forward. I am forever grateful and highly recommend embarking on the B School journey with Kari as an impactful key step in taking control of your life"

Corie Simmons- Empowerment Coach

I'm your B School mentor & guide.

I know what it's like to build my dreams from scratch. Since I signed up for B School 6 years ago my business and life have flourished beyond my wildest imagination. I have an amazing life where I get to have fun every day collaborating with some of the most influential people in the personal-growth industry, my messages are shared with millions of people, and I create courses that have touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world. It feels amazing to do what I love, and help people love themselves too!

As your B School mentor and guide, I'll be using my skills as an Intuitive and Energy Healer, combined with my business savvy, to help you create a career and life you love.

I'm looking forward to seeing you live your dreams!

See what previous students are saying..

"What was great about working with Kari is she has all the business know-how and she’s also an intuitive, so she can help you turn around your blocks and negative beliefs so you can be successful in your business. I look forward to going through B School again with her!"

Adam Sweeney - Singer/Songwriter and Founder of My English Lyrics

"I had an amazing experience going through B School with Kari! I When I had the opportunity about signing up for B School through Kari, I knew I couldn’t lose, because I know from experience how valuable my sessions with Kari can be. I’m so glad I did! I can’t recommend signing up through Kari highly enough. You’re guaranteed to have a wonderful experience, and fabulous support system for you."

Meynika Kiravell - Visionary Artist and Musician

"Kari has been a fairy godmother to us! She lovingly took care of us and is so generous -  with access to her entire library and I have learned so much. I encourage you to take the bold step to open the door to believe in your dreams. After this amazing B School journey, now I’m writing my book and this is a dream come true for me!"

Pao Ping Yoong - Spiritual Artist

Join my Inner Circle of Intuitive Coaching!

Don’t wait another year to live your dreams.

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"When I look back at the last year, I am astonished how much I learned about myself, my gifts, my purpose and how confident I became during this short period of time. Kari’s guidance was brilliant. If you just have this inner knowing that you are meant for something larger than the world has to offer you now – join B-School through Kari. To be guided by both Marie and Kari at the same time is super potential. So you better not miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." .:)

Joana Poloschek - Theater Dance Instructor

"Kari Samuels has helped me understand the world better. She has been an unending resource for me. She’s a bright light in this world, and I think she’s changed the world by her presence. I love her! She’s a role model for me and I’m continually impressed with her selfless output in my life and the world. I’m very lucky to know her!"

Sara Young - Communication Coach

"Kari has an inside track on the people she’s mentoring because she has access to our Guides. Her guidance is spot on! She’s a great coach. The information she provides is specific, applicable and always perfect! Her Soul Arts Academy has something for everyone. I’m still listening and learning because there’s always new information and I love going back and listening to my favorites. I’m so glad I chose Kari as my B School mentor. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made and it really, really helped my business. "

Katie Lu Owen- Energy Practitioner

"I had such a great experience in B School with Kari as my guide. Yes, she can help you with all the business aspects. Even better, she teaches you how to honor and respect your heart. She helped me stay true to myself on this exciting journey by reminding me to have fun. If you know Kari at all, you know what a joy she is. She makes me smile just thinking about her!"

Cara Davis Bidwell - Artist

"I am so glad that I decided to join B-School through Kari!. Her coaching calls were imperative to my growth and in keeping me grounded. She connected me and taught me to listen to myself. Instead of having anxiety and burn-out mode, which was my norm, she ocused on supporting me in trusting myself. Kari's experience and intuition allows her to work with multiple types of students. Whilst giving each of us our space to learn and grow, also at times a loving push when it was needed. IIf you're on the fence, JOIN NOW! I'll be on board again this year to learn & grow further with Kari."

Lorraine Limon-Dang

"I can´t recommend Kari highly enough as a mentor! She is the Earth Goddess who guides others wonderfully to awake to their own divine nature with all its special gifts and intuitive wisdom. When I first started B-School I knew that I was about to embark on a new journey towards more freedom and joy creating the business I love but I was still quite shy and confused about how to manifest my dream. She taught me to love my empathic self and gave practical tools to feel more empowered and grounded. I began to accept fully my mission and let myself be who I really am. Her presence coincided with the turning point in my life when I was finding the courage to live from the heart and I know that her assistance was previously planned...She will forever be one of the most important people who appeared on my path although we have never seen each other. Thank you so much Kari, my kindred spirit :)"

Kali Luana -Transformational Life Coach

"Kari Samuels is a delight - with her mentoring you have your own Happiness Coach by your side! Her intuitive coaching calls are very generous. She inspires you with practical insights to do the things you never thought you’d be able to accomplish. She kept me focused on my soul’s purpose, and helped me stay on track. She gives you such a beautiful joyous energy to help you stay in high vibration mode."

Steph Kang -Yoga and Doga Instructor

"I am so glad I decided to take the leap and join B School!  As a bonus from signing up through Kari, I learned SO MUCH about using my energy positively and staying true to my heart. I guarantee you will have the most fun time with all the wonderful people in her group. I hope you decide to go ahead and join B School through Kari, it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done!"

Robin Skidmore - Soul Coach

"Signing up with Kari for B-School was like getting two programs for one! Marie Forleo taught us all the nitty gritty about running a business - and Kari taught us about getting in touch with our internal self and the unlimited possibilities of the Universe. Wow! I consider signing up with Kari for B-School as one of my luckiest days ever. Don't even hesitate - spoil yourself!"

Julee Cunningham - Author of the South Pole Adventure series

Join my Inner Circle of Intuitive Coaching!

Don’t wait another year to live your dreams.

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"Kari is amazing! She has a unique gift for intuitive understanding of people and creates a safe and motivating environment for growth, helping you blossom into your best self. Having Kari Samuels for our routinely scheduled intuitive coaching calls was vital!Her gentle guidance creates profound clarity, confidence in your dreams, and a vision for making them a reality. Kari, I can't thank you enough for your guidance and support! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!."

Maria Danilychev- Physician, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher

"It was amazing to have Kari’s support throughout my B School journey. Her love, positivity, and strong desire for me and others to succeed were tremendous. Kari created a private Facebook page for B Schoolers to communicate with each other and with her, and also held live coaching calls with those who needed her help. Those live calls provided great insight and information on how to move forward for me and so many others. I cannot tell you the number of times that people on the calls cried and provided support to each other. The calls with Kari are priceless. Kari went the extra mile by giving us many other tools to succeed, including free access to some of her programs and numerology reports. Having these additional bonus materials were wonderful, as they allowed me to continue to work on myself at my own pace as I progressed on my path. Having Kari support me on my B School journey was like having a big sister and loving friend along the way. I am so grateful for her generosity and encouragement throughout the process. I highly recommend Kari as your B School guide."

Elizabeth Lin-Entrepreneur

"I love Kari and all that she puts out there, and she is a B- School graduate to boot, how perfect! The coaching calls were so helpful. Kari tuned in to each one of us on every call bringing perspective and understanding to what was happening for each of us, and it was amazing how the insights she brought forth for each person helped all of us on the call (got to love Spirit!). The library of materials that Kari gives you access to is phenomenal. Personally, I used a number of them to help me go deeper with the B-school modules, to get out of my head, and get more specific. If you are wanting to go into business to break free and create a life with meaning or you are a lightworker or healer looking to get your business up and running and get out there, joining B-School under the wings of Kari Samuels is the way to do it. Her loving and attentive support and the support of the Live Your Dreams group made B-School worth every penny and more to me."

Deborah Bohm-Certified Hand Analyst

"Going through B-school with Kari as my guide was the best gift I could have given myself. Not only was she knowledgeable about the various aspects of implementing B-school, she was also incredible at helping me to jump over the hurdles that had kept me from moving forward for so long. I have my business up and running thanks to her guidance and insights and more importantly I am confident now that I am on the right path. The personal attention she gave me and all of the extra bonuses she provided definitely exceeded my expectations. I would recommended going through B-school with Kari to anyone considering signing up. You have nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain. ."

Stacey Tamagni-Divine Channel & Intuitive Healer

"If you are thinking about joining B-school for 2017, I can highly recommend for you to join through Kari Samuels' coaching bonus. Kari is a highly gifted psychic, intuitive guide, empath, healer and happiness coach. She is also a kind, loving, compassionate, smart and funny human being.

What I loved about Kari was that we all got a chance to talk about our careers and life goals during our weekly group coaching calls. WEEKLY!! When I was on a call with her, I was getting an energetic healing as well as getting career advice. Everyone that she was coaching benefited from these calls because we all had something to learn from each other. Kari was also able to tap into our Angels and Guides so we were being guided towards our highest good…yep, she communicates with Spirit! What I appreciated about her was that she didn't beat around the bush when giving advice and was always very straightforward and honest.

The coaching calls especially helped me connect with other inspired entrepreneurs whom I am still in contact with through the "Live Your Dreams” Facebook page that Kari created. It was beautiful getting to know other people who joined and seeing their careers and lives evolve to a higher state of consciousness. The “Live Your Dreams” Facebook page was and it still is a loving space to ask for support and to make connections with other co-creators!

When you join through her B-School coaching bonus, you also receive prerecorded bonus teachings and healings. THIS IS GOLD!!! They are HOURS and HOURS worth of teachings and amazing tools for anyone on a spiritual journey making a huge career move. They were extremely powerful for me because they cleared a lot of my old past-life karmic debris that didn’t resonate with me anymore. Receiving these recordings were like receiving a cave full of treasures.

If you are thinking about joining B-School, I can absolutely recommend Kari to help you along your journey. I can’t express how thankful I am to have met her. Kari has helped guide me towards my highest path as well as to so many others from our class. Thank you so much, Kari, for the many wonderful coaching, healings and loving advice that you gave us. I am so very blessed to know you."

Angela Oh-Intuitive Energy Healer & Meditation Guide

Don’t wait another year to live your dreams.

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