Kari Samuels

August astrology & numerology forecast – light up the heavens!

Awesome awe-inspring August is here!

Get your eclipse glasses. This is sure to be an epic month!

This is by far the most potent month of the year. The spiritual energies are SUPERCHARGED. The intentions and actions you set in motion now will impact you the rest of the year, and most likely several years to come.

There is a cosmic stew brewing in the heavens, so transformation is inevitable.

It’s eclipse season

Eclipses always bring about major changes offering immense healing power. The heaven’s are ablaze with fire signs this month, shedding light on your life in ways you hadn’t previously imagined. Deep truths will be revealed to you. Remember, the truth will set you free.

Get ready for retrogrades!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Mercury is going retrograde. So, buckle  up! There are also more planets reversing their course.

This is no ordinary convergence of events. These astrological aspects are designed to get you in tune with your intuition.

In this forecast, you’ll learn the many twists and turns this month has ahead of you, and how to navigate this rocky spiritual terrain like a rock star.

Have an amazing August!

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